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Ultra Sonic Gas Can Now Available


Detroit has long been recognized as a musical Mecca, where the streets give birth to sonic geniuses... springing out of the weed-choked city lots. Alot of this is fact, some is merely myth.The truth being that in the tough, industrial grid of the Motor City, it takes guts, sweat, and talent to rise up, and break out.

The Howling Diablos have long held a street credibility in the 'D' , forged by jamming in sweaty bars, clubs, and theatres...just ask anyone on 8 Mile Rd. The Diablos have performed with plenty of big names...including Tom Petty, Kid Rock, George Clinton, Hank Williams Jr., ZZ Top, J. Geils Band, Sheryl Crow, and Jack White. Tino Gross has produced records by legends like R.L. Burnside and has a co-writer credit with Bob Dylan for the track, 'Bob Dylan Was The First Rapper', on the upcoming Sean Forbes album.

Like the Stones, Stooges, Elvin Jones, MC5, and so many other great, 'in-the-moment' inspirational acts...the Diablos have always been acknowledged for their killer live show, but, their fans asked... will they make another supa-coola rekkid?

'Ultra Sonic Gas Can' is THAT record. The Diablos have captured lightnin' in the grooves of this funky platter. This is the Diablos' 'Exile On Main Street'. Produced by Tino Gross, 'Gas Can' fuels up hooks that will creep into your heart and mind. You will dig, 'Mr. Right Now', 'House Party', 'You Make Me Good', 'Sold Out', and others.... Mixing Detroit elements like soul, funk, blues, rap, and rock n roll, the Diablos have cooked up a real treat!

The Diablos are: Tino Gross/vocals, Johnny Evans/Sax and Harp, Mo Hollis/bass, Erik Gustafson/guitar, and Detroit legend Johnny 'Bee' Badanjek/drums.

Plus featuring Detroit guests like Robert Bateman, Jimmie Bones, HUSH, Uncle Kracker, Jim McCarty, Eliza Neals, Kymberli Wright, and more! Funky D Records is PROUD to present 'Ultra Sonic Gas Can' .