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Joshua Ingram / Blog

I'm Back

Life is a funny and fickle thing. There have been so many moments of frustration over the past few years just trying to figure out how to get anything done. The other side of that coin is well, lots of inspiration to write. Some of the best writing I’ve done yet is coming as you can tell by some of the new songs I’ve posted or am playing live. It’s exciting to be on the brink of new. Tell the world I’m back and this time it’s serious. Stay tuned everyone…

Luke Wade Singer Songwriter Showdown Finals This Saturday

I'm really looking forward to this Saturday in Fort Worth for the finals. This songwriter showcase/showdown has been going on for the past 25 weeks and this Saturday all of the weekly winners will compete for a pretty nice prize package. I'm excited to be in this group of really talented individuals and hope to have some fan base support out there. As soon as I have an idea when I'll play I'll post it so you can be ready. The event will be hosted by Luke Wade and Shayne Hollinger (From 95.9 The Ranch) and will be at Queen City Music Hall on Commerce in Downtown Fort Worth in between 3rd and 4th. I can't wait for it!

It's finished

Ok, that's not exactly a fair title...it's not all finished regarding the new CD but one of the 13 songs is. "Two Sides" just became available as a single download and I'm pretty excited about it. It will also be sent to radio within the next week so there's a good chance you may start hearing it on the country station you listen to. It's a nervous situation when I don't know exactly when program directors are going to open the mail, give it a listen, and decide to spin it. I hope they like it as much as I do and their audiences like it too. Here's a link so you can decide if YOU like it: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/two-sides-single/id885214194

winners and losers

Sunday night I participated in a songwriting contest in downtown Fort Worth. My good friend Luke Wade invited me out and it was a great time. It’s an interesting thing to me that we have music competitions. Of course, it’s no secret that television has taken the idea of competitive music to a whole new level, but I find it peculiar to think that something like music can have a winner and a loser. It is definitely a fact that the music business is a competition like any other business as artists are always competing for fans, gigs, and notoriety. The way you mark someone’s success is literally a rank system known as “the charts” where the value of each song is numbered and ordered as if you can quantify the value of the art based on how popular it is. I’ve said for a long time that the reason I love playing and working in Tarrant County is because of the amount of work for a working musician. And yes, there is competition due to the economics of the market. Now that I am getting a new album ready to come out I’ll be dealing with radio charts and all sorts of necessary evils that the business requires. What I’ve always hoped for however is a local market where people really clamor for new, original, and literally uncharted music. That would make us all into winners in my opinion. Here’s some free advice: go hear someone sing and when you do, ask them to play something you haven’t already heard.


I have been listening to rough mixes of the 13 songs for the record and I have to say it's going to be good. Even though we're not totally finished I am starting to get an idea of how this thing is gonna sound and I pleased. Now I'm listening to find spots where we'd like to add some fiddle, or steel guitar, or stuff like that. I'm also listening for background vocals and letting people come to mind who I might want to invite to sing with me. You are all on notice for the next few weeks. Keep your phones on and close cause you never know when I might call with a background vocal emergency only you can handle! I'll keep you updated.

In other news congrats to Adam and Monica as they get married today. I'm proud of you baby brother!


We're waiting on mixes for the tunes on the album so we can listen and decide what else needs to be in each one. Waiting is challenging and there's nothing I can do to speed up the process. It takes however long it takes. It's funny how the closer we get to being finished the harder the waiting is. I'm also waiting to hear back from someone about releasing "Two Sides" to radio before the rest of the album is finished. Once again, I have to wait. The six years between the release of "The Distance" and now hasn't been as rough as the last few weeks have been. I guess that means the excitement is starting to build. Excitement of a new product on the market, new songs for fans to hopefully fall in love with, new moments to turn the radio up and celebrate that we're getting a little airplay, and the best part, time to start writing new songs for the next album. Yup, I'm getting excited at the thought of touring, playing new rooms, and letting everyone hear the sounds that the last 6 years have produced. Without knowing how much radio or the internet will love it, without knowing how many copies I'll sell, I know this is gonna be big. It's big that I've been able to see this most of the way through and it'll be big when it turns out the waiting didn't kill me. Until then...

What kind of music do you play?

It's a funny thing when someone asks that question. First, I never really know how to answer because I play lots of styles. Are they trying to learn something about me or are they making sure I say something that they like? What are the good answers to that question? Country? Rock? Stuff? It's perplexes me why that question comes up because no one listens to or plays one kind of music. Second, what is this need to know before I even start playing? There is some level of anxiety in the audience I guess when someone they are not familiar with steps on the stage. I try to look non-threatening at all times and even smile. For that matter, why do people ask me what I'm going to play next? I don't usually know the answer to that either. I think it's fun to be surprised and if they would relax they would find out what song is next at about the same time I do. Here's my advice: if you're listening to music somewhere relax and enjoy it. It's supposed to be fun and whoever is playing for you cares that you have a good time. They may even be watching you to see what you like. Don't worry about requesting songs (special occasions excepted) or asking what the guy knows. Just sing along, or dance, or even tip if you like it. What kind of music is it? If you're singing, dancing and tipping, it must be the best kind.


We're finished with one tune completely so look for a single release soon. We are also still in the process of putting the album together and, though it's been a laboriously slow, there are some great songs being put together. Every Wednesday at the Whiskey Girl Saloon is getting better every week so come out and hear the new songs before you can buy them. Hope to see everyone out at a show soon!