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Handmade EP (rough mix)

Finally getting around to putting up the songs we laid down last week with Chris LaMura behind the board recording us. (thanks so much Chris!) All and all we walked away with a great foundation of grooves to build upon. We had a great time as you can tell when you give it a listen. We're really lucky that Chris is so talented because this was really just our first effort. He captured what it is we do. Sign up for our mailing list and you will be able to download some of the tunes. We have five so far and are planning on flushing out more over the coming weeks.

Now we will begin the layering process which is a lot of hurry up and wait - but it is going to be worth it! We're gonna really polish up what we have and make it sound even better - think harmonies and more intricate instrumental work. In addition, some sonic soundscaping during mix down and mastering. We've yet to figure out how we are going to release this and in what format. Nevertheless, we should have something early Summer.

So keep your eyes open and your ears wide. We're also planning our Summer schedule - we'll let you know!

Matty BreezyGrass

BG Update

Well we've got Grassy's this Friday night. We'll be opening up for our friends in Poor House. Great band. It'll be our first time at Grassy's and we've been wanting to play there for some time. See BreezyGrass rehearsals take place very close to there. We've been spending a lot of time getting new songs ready to be played out.

We've also begun the planning stages of getting songs into pre-production phase to start recording for an upcoming release. We don't know if it is going to be a full album or an EP but we've already started the process and we're looking forward to sharing it all.

We'll be adding more dates as they come along and are starting to plan Spring and Summer 2010.

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