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The very first time

Good morning, after noon, evening and night ladies and gentlemen and thank you for visiting my blog. This is a first for me so I hope this ends up falling along the proper lines of what would be considered a good "blog post". So I guess I should start off by thanking everyone who made it out to Whiskey City last night. I had a great time and I hope y'all did as well. It felt good to have the younger homies be able to attend and it was a step up in professionalism from the shows I've done in the past. It was a real stage, and that was a first for me. I was diggin the painting of Mac Dre they had on the wall behind the stage. Very dope tribute to a very big supporter of underground independent music. Hip hop was a better game with him in it. Moving on... I am forever humble when it comes to doing shows, but with the good must come the bad. I'm sorry but I feel like every performer got ripped off last night by piss poor sound quality. The first dude who went up, I'm pretty sure he went by Gost, Was so quiet it was like he was rapping in another room. You could hear the rythem of his flow but couldn't understand a damn word. I felt bad for dude kuz he actually sounded like he was ok. Then the two dudes that were on after Gost were not only performing in the time slot that I was supposed to be in, but you couldn't understand either one of em. So when I finally make it on stage the first thing I do is tell dude to turn the mic up. I check it a couple times, volume sounds good, then the beat starts. The first couple of bars come out perfect but then the mic starts faddin in and out. All I could think of on stage was "Are you fucking kidding me?" From what I could tell while performing and then watching the video later, about every 10-15 seconds the mic would go out and then come back on. I understand these things happen but these things are supposed to happen in sound check. why was there not one? Some times I feel like I am the only person that knows how to be professional. Well not the only but one of the few. I believe in starting at the bottom and working your way up but at the moment I'm in the midst of just that. No matter how much I believe that this is the right way to come up in the game, I must confess that it really sucks ass. I put so much effort into my music and preparing for performances, all I want is to be able to do my job and do it well. Ok after all that I need to stress that it wuz a chance to perform and I'll take any and everyone that gets offered to me. I am very thankful to be given the opportunity to showcase my talent live and cant wait to do it again. In other news Me and Renea are starting to shop around for cd and dvd duplication. From what she's told me the dvd is gonna be pretty awesome. I know we got sum kick ass footage while in the studio last Wednesday. speaking of which a couple of the new songs that were recorded are on my myspace page and of course right here on my reverbnation page. well it's almost 5 oclock am and I've enjoyed my night off so far. I'm glad my work was able to give me vacation time for my show and the recovery day which was today/yesterday. I'm lucky to work for and with such great people. I'm also very lucky to have the best friends, family and fans in the world. I am truly a blessed individual. I hope you enjoyed reading my brain guts that I just splattered all over this computer screen. There will more to follow in the near future. Thank you and have a great morning, afternoon, evening and night. Stay up!