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Just dropped my album digitally!

I just released my album 'Underground All Star Part One' digitally on ALL th major known music sites/apps (itunes, google play, amazon, xbox music and more). Go wherever you get your music from and search "Snypa Da Prophet" and grab a copy! It features: Hopsin, Lil Wyte, Jelly Roll, Liquid Assassin, Twisted Insane, Sicc, Cryptic Wisdom, Luni Spade, Raven Delavega, Mars & Rick G

New Snypa Projects 2011

1.Beat Jakkers Vol. 1 Mixtape - will be completeley free hip hop jams to some of all of our fav dope beats that are already out their waiting to be jacked

2.Underground All Star Mixtape - a Mixture Of Brand New Tracks w/ sum Of Chicago's Finest! Takin the Hip Hop to a whole new different level, Gonna Crack Concrete when you bump this!!

and eventually..My Main Album..UNDERESTIMATED!