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First album released


I just released my first album in twenty legal download platforms . When I said that, I said almost everything , but not much, in any case very little of me.

It is a self-produced album and I put all my energy for more than one year. To listen constantly to see what could be improved , back again , again to stop when I could not see nothing to edit . In the end it's about 1:15 electronic music sounds are often gradually transformed over time.

The mix was too much work. Electronic music is quite difficult to mix and can quickly turn to mush. Also, I wanted to create moods . Many sounds come against immediately create the atmosphere in which it can be carried away .

Paradoxes Of Zeno , is a collection of instrumental piece from the ambient , chill out in the electro dance music. First paradox because a priori the two do not go together . Personally , I like the back and forth between the two . This is why some songs are quite long , because in fact they are two parties. Music is a way for me to travel , literally and figuratively . Moreover, a lot of my inspiration comes when I'm moving, walking down the street or riding in a car for example.

Now I wish this album to meet a certain audience . Personally I do not dream of glory , I'm more comfortable working in the shadows, but a recognition of this work, namely that music affects other people ( regardless of the number ) , fill me sure.

So I know all about Facebook is fast and it makes it a little superficial for people like me who love the debate head to head , the real confrontation of ideas . But hey, this is still an area of ​​communication. So I hope that through this event , I get to touch some of you . Even if it was to be one , which itself will circulate this information , it is not bad at the bottom.

Some know me true , others not at all , others only virtually. I hope that there will be either out of curiosity or by friendship or by random people who discover this album and will want to listen again and again and do hear around them. We can dream of one of those success stories that are on the internet. Personally I do not believe it , I think they are urban legends that merely mask good networks and sell. But you see, we can be cynical and optimistic ... another paradox.