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Darning Socks' Jersey Beat Fanzine Review


From the title of PATRICK KAVANEY AND THE LAST DRAGS’ “Darning Socks for the Apocalypse” (workingstiffrecords.com), one may think we’re talking punk, but no, PK&TLD is a mix of country and Americana, with some rock’n’roll thrown in. But one thing is when they are witty, they spare no expense, with songs like “Spanish Nightmare,” “Delusion & Grandeur” (as in being on the corner of), “Looking Forward Back,” and “Ego Bandito.” Yet even with the puns, the songs are strong and tend toward the ballad, but stay pretty strong. Kavaney’s voice is well suited for this material, and what also makes this record, is its basis on strings: guitars, lap guitar, slide guitar, and bass flow through, with a real good rhythm holding it up. There’s even a bit of Tex-Mex thrown in, with “Waking Song.” They may be from Oregon, but they have that more southern sound down. Not as harsh as, say, southern rock, or as bland as modern country, they’re somewhere in-between, with a rich, full sound.

Nice plug from KLOO 106.3 Fm for The Last Drags


Check it out and thanks KLOO FM!!

Bridgeport Brewery Support!

The Last Drags as well as some other Oregon fav's are featured on Portland's own Bridgeport Brewing Company's website, check it out! http://www.bridgeportbrew.com/#/music/

Last Drags on Freight Train Boogie in California

Here is the link to the Freight Train Boogie Podcast The Last Drag's song "Waking Song" is featured on today http://www.nodepression.com/profiles/blogs/freight-train-boogie-podcast-16

Netherlands press

Nice write up on the new album by Goodnoise Radio in The Netherlands, thanks Gerrit! http://goodnoiseradio.blogspot.com/

here is the translation, therebouts... That was again once a surprise by the post this week! A certain Patrick Kavaney steered its album to Goodno (i) se. Patrick sit all large 20 year in the music, but the success has him not yet in the grip. Perhaps he has now The Burden Drags with its new group more success. The album 'Darning Socks For The Apocalypse' offers a lovely mix of rock & folk, and jazz & alt. country. The openings number comes, resembles as it, painful course, but appearance deceives. 'Spanish Nightmare' is absolutely no bad dream. The second number begins what 'modern', but is then usual a delicious rocknummer. Patrick Kavaney changes the atmosphere on this album per track! Sturdy rockende numbers are alternated with ballads, or jazzy 'feelings' (Ego Bandito). 'Swagger' is an acoustic number, can thus also that Patrick Kavaney with from the feet. Honestly is honest the album has made already overtime in the CD-player.

Upcoming Show this Friday with John Shipe

Hope ya'll can come out to the Wandering Goat here in Eugene this friday JAN 8th at 9PM. John Shipe solo acoustic, great songsmith and singer/guitarist, will do a set. The Dragz follow accompanied by Shipe to rock things up a bit.