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still learning but if you aren't getting better everyday stop!

even after many years of singing, songwriting, playing guitar, bass and even keys I am still learning ,mixing and mastering but t=it is an art

Crowd Reviews = Moron Reviews (Beliebers?)

Velvet Underground Replacements XTC and more never got great reviews by the music listeners but did great with critics RN crowd reviews suck

NEW self-titled album out now!

the New Album Rexx Velvet is available at the Reverbnation store and over 20 other online stores as wll as band camp,,,go listen buy!!!!!!!!!

Crowd Reviews

Crowd Reviews would be worth it if they were sent to the proper demographic, those who like pop/punk/powerpop...I usually had 4 to 5 people per paid review that LOVED my music, they are my demographic, obviously.

Reverbnation and its partner Audiolife have excellent customer service

I am very happy with the resolution of the problem with my CDs


I ordered 10 CDs from Reverbnation via Audiolife and the CDs are screwed up, the first song is like 6 seconds before it goes to track 2...I AM ANGRY!!!!!!!!!!

Youtube subscribers

I need more youtube subscribers, 8 seems pathetic http://www.youtube.com/user/wkturn?feature=mhee

Please Listen!

I put a whole lot of work into this music, I'd appreciate if you'd just give it a chance and listen. PLEASE!


I am grateful for fans, friends, family and fellow musicians!!!!!!


Hi there!