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Science 101: The properties of a LiQU!D

LiQU!D is truly an original state of matter that forms to fit whatever container surrounds it. Now think of the container as genres of music.....The LiQU!D seems to pool in many different genres....making it very hard to classify both scientifically and musically. To describe this music to a passer-by who is not in the "KNOW" is always difficult because the LiQU!D is more of an experience then just music. The song writing is progressive and thoughtful...broaching a wide array if topics ranging from philosophy to social/political commentary to good ol fashion Shanagen Anthems about partaking in the spirits of various muses such as floating around on clouds or spending time in blues laden forests. Lyrically the songs evoke vivid psychedelic vision while the music charismatically supports whatever path the flow decides to descend. 4 seasoned musicians progressively traverse a musical universe navigating the intricately worked out complexities of their song structures leaving enough room and freedom for improvisation, on-the- spot innovation, and constant reinvention. Every show is a new exciting experience riding the waves of tension and release. Just as you thought the wave could not grow any higher....the tide pulls you out to a sea of blissfully musical madness.

Basically - this science class is worth showing up to...I am just saying. Go on...get wet,submerse yourself....drink, swim, dance or float....its all good.