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On The Radio: Brothers on Whatever

Oops- someone gave me a mic & asked my opinions...


On The Radio & Best of 2012

Thanks, Tim Rakel & KDHX. The next DJ to spin Northside Refugees on the air will be Ryan Mifflin, who hosts Dirty Roots Radio, Thursdays from 8-10 pm on 89.5 WGRN FM, Greenville, IL. If you happen to not be in the Greenville area, you can stream it live on the web. Here's a link:


Mr. Mifflin also included me on his Best Music of 2012 listing, under the Best of St. Louis section. I'm sure few would agree with you, Ryan, but I'm embarrassingly appreciative. 5000, buddy. Maybe a couple more. Ahem. here's a link:


regards from Gratitude & Hustle, MO.

"Button Made of Stone" featured on KDHX show Mystery Train

So Tim Rakel (DJ for KDHX show Mystery Train, etc; rock star in The Union Electric, etc.) is officially the first human being to play my tunes on the radio, specifically on his KDHX program Mystery Train. Check out the December 24th show: http://kdhx.fm/archives/archive_gen.php?show=mysterytrain' Sincerest appreciation, Tim. Yr a real gent. regards from Gratitude, MO.

New Album Now Available

at Apop Records, Euclid Records (St. Louis) & online at http://edgefieldcjohnston.bandcamp.com/

Pre-Order the NEW ALBUM today...

That's right, children, NORTHSIDE REFUGEES, the brand new album by ECJ & the Known Haterz, is available for preorder at http://edgefieldcjohnston.bandcamp.com/album/northside-refugees for the low low price of $7. Reserve yr copy today, forget you did it, & be ecstatically surprised to find it in yr inbox the moment it drops of NOVEMBER 9th. If yr more of a physical copy type of person, holla at me (I'll be around) or look for it in yr friendly neighborhood record shop on NOVEMBER 9th. Cn we get some love? No? Whatever. Enjoy the record anyway.

regards from Crowning, MO.



The NEW ALBUM by Edgefield C. Johnston & the Known Haterz is mastered & ready to go. Like all good things, the release date is set for the fall. STAY TUNED here for news-style propaganda; VISIT reverbnation.com/edgefieldcjohnston for FREE SAMPLE TUNES; DOWNLOAD the album (when it's available, that is) at edgefieldcjohnston.bandcamp.com. SUPPORT your local independent record store by purchasing a physical copy.

Here's to spending 2 years recording an EP's worth of coffee coaster...

regards from Off Season, MO.

MAJOR NEWS (relatively speaking, of couse...)

So here's a piece of news fr the closet music lover in you: The new album will be mixed by superstar engineer Larry Crane from Jackpot! Recording (M. Ward, Elliot Smith, Jenny Lewis, Sleater-Kinney, Stephen Malkmus, Cat Power, etc., etc...). I've heard the mixes of the first 3 tracks- the man knows his business. Album due out next year. Eyes wide open, kids. Happy Sunday.

regards from Monastery, MO.


Old demos, group efforts & other assorted miscelania posted up at...


regards from nowhere.

Album Now Available to stream, buy

PopCycle is available here to stream in it's entirety. For copies, contact me.