I just ran into somebody that I gave my CD to for free and he said it was "powerful" and it motivated him to get back into his music. I may not be the most popular artist,. But as long as my music toutches people, I'm gonna continue to make it. please check it out and rate it. http://www.facebook.com/l.php?u=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.datpiff.com%2FRunnAmucK-Runnamucks-Past-Present-Future-mixtape.376432.html&h=9AQFj4Q8_&enc=AZNWrAh_4nay_PaAzsnQLmz6gz1l8f1cZy8q3vQZrquZylFNjRqdMba5doJKfKvazK07gDGwdmIyCnEikImc_6wKhx-dx3JtOCXkxZ4_oPDaoA

CD Promo

Just to let you guys know, I'll be posting the tracks from my new CD, "Past. Present & Future". I'll post one track, every day for a week. Then I'll post a new song at the end of the week until I've gone through the whole Mix-Tape. Please check out my tracks and rate them from 1 to 10. This will help me find out what the fans want to hear the most. Thank you for your time, and participation. RunnAmucK.


I told you guys I was gonna start hitting you up more often, so keeping true to my word, here I am. First of all, thanks for everyone hitting my page , showing love. I'm hitting you guys back and coming across some really good artists and I wanna work with most of you. Also, I'm going to be pulling videos from your pages for my t.v. show, the Multi-award winning "EAR TO THE STREETS TV" which airs in 3 counties in Syracuse N.Y., and Brooklyn. As of now, there is no charge so you wanna submit your videos A.S.A.P! Just hit my inbox and tell me what video to check on your page. Copy's of the entire tv show with your video included will be available for $10 a copy so you can use it for your own profile. This is for all artists who want their music played on a new format in New York state. Oh, and uh... YOUR'E ALL WELCOME.


S/O to everyone whose been hitting my page and liking my work. I really appreciate it and it motivates me to make more music. I wanna colab with you all! Also, feel free to send me your videos for my tv show "EAR TO THE STREETS TV" that airs in Syracuse New York and Brooklyn. I'm also gonna hit you guys up when i'm in your town on a gig, so don't be surprised if you're hearing from me real soon. Please check out my previous mix-tapes as well as my upcoming mix-tape, "PAST, PRESENT AND FUTURE". Thanks again for all the love. I'll meet you guys at the top!


What's good yall?? Wow. It's been like 2 years since I left a comment. I had no idea it was that long! Oh well... I'm back on my grind now, so you guys are gonna be hearing from me more on the regular. I figure like once a week or so. Just to keep you guys updated on the whole RunnAmucK, More Than Music, Ear To The Streets tv movement. I'll keep you updated on all my new music, video shoots, mix-tape releases, public appearances and all other exclusive news. Please feel free to hit me up and comment back letting me know your thoughts and ideas. I'm open for collabos and I could use a good manager. Besides recording artist, I also have my own CD store and television show, Ear To The Streets tv (winner of 3 out of 9 Upper State Independent Awards) that airs in Onondoga, Cortland and Madison counties. Recently, we got picked up in Brooklyn New York, and we're currently working on queens. Feel free to check out my page and follow me. Also, check out some of my friends. There are alot of good artists on here. Anyway, hope you guys enjoy!