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Lets start a riot !

Random thoughts for the day: for some strange reason I find myself all excited about the global madness lately. The riots that happened in greece... I love how the firemen showed up and basically said "Thats no way to start a fire. we're the pros, let us show you how its done..." And then lets not forget about all the fucking madness over in egypt. Those people are pissed, and they're just wreaking some havoc. More power to them. When the government starts acting a fool, you're goddamn right its up to the people who pay their salary in blood and taxes to stand up and burn some shit. Its not like over here in america. The only time people riot is on black friday. Over dumb shit they don't even need. Its never because some asshole politician with more money than he knows what to do with passed a bill to piss all over your constitutional rights... Although that happens... but its because people only get pissed here when Wal mart sells out of that $200 1000 inch flat screen tv they need. And even still, When americans riot... They don't kill cops or politicians or set shit on fire.. They just steal consumer goods and break windows. God bless the USA.

god the world sucks...

what else can i say... this project was started almost ten years ago as a way for me to express my discontent of everything in life from sour relationships to political bullshit, eventually becoming overbloated with concept records about robots on acid... at some point i had an epiphany that none of this ranting or self indulgence had any impact on anyone what so ever... In october 2009, during a hiatus from playing shows, I locked myself up in my studio, and wrote and recorded about 50 songs... at the end of october I released Dear television, a record that doesn't bitch or complain about the current state of humanity as much as it speaks from the point of view of an unnamed nobody... an individual who has been affected by decisions that have been made for him, and in turn feels unaffected as he has no control over the matters... Lets call him david. He knows deep down inside that if he had people to listen to him, he could lead the world to peace through reason... but at the end of the day, he decides that rather than battle the corporate, capitalist, ecconomic and political giants that oppress and enslave billions of people across the globe, he will just sit in front of his television popping adderall for his adhd and watch infomercials, and reality tv, quietly assuming that someone else will do it.

if this sounds bleak, rest assured, that Dear television is available... and 50 percent all profits made by the band will be going to various charities. everyone can make a difference in this world, if everybody would just begin to care about those other than themselves. So, if it is mindless entertainment you seek, feel free to buy any of our music or videos, or even the cdhs video game and turn off your brain and indulge... and don't worry that half of what you spent on it will be going to feed starving people, and get medical help to those who need it.