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Dark Secrets

I did this track in reverse and the only instrument I used for it all was my guitar.

The lake song..

Come on baby lets go to the lake,its hot in the house and i wanna get baked.throe your old shoes on and go to the store,im on my last drink and im ready for more,and pick me up some papers with the zig zag on,so i can smoke a fatty like cheech and chong and share it with my friends when i get to the shore and dont forget the things that i need to make smores. ah ha.nanana nanananana ....

Come on baby lets go to the sand.put our chairs close together so that we can hold hands.the kids can go with grandma for the rest of the week.we dont want them here when the mushrooms start to peak ah ha.nanana nanananana.....

Come on baby lets go to the lake.we wont half to worrie we can chill and get baked.pull out the old 6 string and give us a strum.lets sing along now everyone!


i feel ugly today,no time for laughs,i got nothin to say.i feel ugly today.i hate it when people stop and stare at me.i saw a lady today,told her she was pretty and i smiled her way.i felt so ashamed,she gave me a gaze.i feel ugly today........i feel ugly today,i dont wantt to smile or even show my face.i feel the lines on my face and its such a discrace,i feel ugly today.......you hear the words that i say but u dont understand because u cant see my face.i bleed from the toxic waste,u put me to shame,i feel ugly today......you put me right in my place.when i told u i cared,u slapped me right im my face.i felt so fuckin shamed,its a pain i can taste.i feel ugly today

Behind my eyes

This song is about a drifter that lost his way and is getting older.His bones hurt and hes tired of being in the streets,so he closes his eyes and imagines that he is somewhere else so the pain will go away if only for a minute.Its a partial reflection of myself as well.I wrote the song when I was on the streets and I was feeling lonely.I hope you all enjoy it :)

Gabbys song

I wrote this song for my son Jon Jrs mother to tell her how much I love her.Theres gonna be more to come so stay tuned!