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Well, the big day has come, it is the morning of our gig, which is actually bad, since I need to sleep!! It's 12:30am, and I'm teaching in the morning. But, our concert has come so quickly and so much of it has been rushed! I hate to say. But I think people will still be very glad with what we have achieved in limited time! Hope to see heaps of faces there.

Lots of love, August Third.

The big journey....

From the day that we heard about our gig at Kulcha on the 1st of May, we decided to overhaul our bands songs, by adding self pre-recorded backing tracks. The end result will be unveiled at our gig, but to get a taste of what's in store, then I strongly suggest that you check out the new uploaded version of Dusty Memories! It has been a long and arduous task, and it is still not all finished with just under 2 weeks until the concert! Everyone is a bit on edge , but thank goodness these school holiday have given us a chance to get away from our teaching minds and put on our August Third caps. That said, I better go and keep working on these songs! Hope to see you at the gig!

August Third.