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everyones quick to ask for support and even quicker to not give it back, i support everyone out there whos involved in da music, with dat being said i ask all of yall to take time to check out whats out there. a side from promoting on reverb, i enjoy jus lisening to da variety of artist dat make up da site. were all in it for da same reason... first and foremost DA LOVE, lets quit being SELFISH and support one another..


rome wasnt built over night and lil wayne didnt become a star from one day to da next, it took time and support. jus goes to show how much influence we have over one another and how much nothing really matters at da end of da day as long as u have good people and friends around u. with dat being said i hope dat da real ones recognize my music for what its worth and understand the amount of time it takes to make good music i do this cuz i love it not cuz i have too. thank u to all the ones who have supported me and thank u to da ones who are just getting a chance to hear my music, cause really at da end of da day da fans are da ones who create stars. wont u guys help me create a buzz check out da music ,comment on it, incourage friends to check me out, add songs to ur playlist, what ever it takes. i cant do it with out yall thanks for da support.

what sells music

good lyrics? dunno anymore cuz theres some pretty lame dudes getting paid for thier bullshit. appearance? appearance probally more den lyrics , so it seems a flashy chain nice car and a bad bitch in a good quality video and one might get some attention. beats? yea definitely beats . u got ur beat people and then u got ur lyrical people, some people jus lisen to da beats and dont know what da fuck the artist is saying and vice versa. so why is it that really good artist who offer da best of both worlds are still struggling to get heard? bringing us back to da question, what sells music? if uve been on my page and heard da music ul agree dat da lyrics and beats compliment one another nothing is lacking as far as da actual song goes. however, a good song can jus only be a good song with out the right amount of support and fans yup i said it FANS now dat is da answer to da question what sells music ? fans , support , a strong following. it dont cost us nothing to give credit where credit is do. if u hear a song on my page u like, talk about it, let a friend know, add it to ur profile, help create a buzz, leave comments every little thing helps one get closer to dat certain goal.thanks for da support

LUNA RED  of "TeknikalDiffikulty"
LUNA RED of "TeknikalDiffikulty"  (over 6 years ago)

I cant agree with you more on what you are saying . I will definitely support you and have you are one of my favorites . drinks up lol you know it