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Hard Rock Rising Competition 2013

Alright, here is the deal. You know we play music. You may or may not like it. We are not going to stop playing music, and it would be nice if it was self sustainable. WE aren't looking to be rock stars. We do take opportunities to be heard quite seriously, and playing music cleanses and refreshes our spirit.

Our new album "Mitosis" is amazing, especially considering a budget of a few days and $2,000. This is no studio magic, pop, 3 months in the editing room "lets make a star" album. It's 5 guys that LOVE music, barely have the time to play, and still pull it off confidently and artistically. Most people give up on arts, and succumb to the conformity of the daily grind, but a few of us still make time to create something from our souls. That's what this is all about. It's magical to us, and outside of our families and careers, it keeps us motivated, focused, and liberated from a seemingly cyclical routine. So here is my offer to you. Vote for us to play this Hard Rock Cafe event by downloading our free song. There is no registration or fee required for anyone. Anyone around the world may download our song. There are, however, a few criteria that you must meet for a download to count as a "vote":

Fans will be required to "Like" the St. Louis Hard Rock Facebook page (via the link below). YOU HAVE TO LIKE THE PAGE. In the US, fans must live within 100 miles of that Hard Rock location. Fans may only vote ONCE for each band. YOU HAVE TO DOWNLOAD THE SONG FROM THE HARD ROCK ST. LOUIS PAGE FOR IT TO COUNT!

Easy enough right? You don't have to log in multiple times, this isn't (for once) a click fest. After you vote for us, leave a post on our Facebook page, and I will send you a link to download another song for free. Share the link on your page with instructions, (let us know you did), and I will send you a link to download the whole album for free. Give us a chance to compete for some real money, some substantial studio and production time, and some real exposure. We are asking as a for a simple favor. Help us out HERE --


Thanks in advance, it means a lot to us. Jason - Man Eating Tiger