Band update

Friends, Well, I survived Mozambique but ended up in the hospital for a week with a touch of pneumonia. I'm better now and believe me it was worth it !! My daughter Lexi G's return to the band was so good that I'm going into the studio to mix a live album taken from that night. Lexi's voice is stronger than ever and has grown in the two year hiatus she was on to pursue her academic progress. Our next stop is The Battle at the Beach at Hurricane Bar and Grill on Main st. in Huntington Beach. We have a chance to win $3000 and a month worth of gigs. This opportunity is another way of legitimizing the music we play. The band has the strongest players since it's inception in 2013. We have on Bass Tony Robin (Studio, Tricia Freeman), Albert Margolis (Meters, Ultimate Stones) on the Keys, Ray Weston (Wishbone Ash,Tom Jones, Iron Butterfly) on Drums, My daughter 26 year old Lexi G (winner of two LA Critics Awards) and yours truly Kenny "Big Daddy" Williams (Defiant, owner of Kenny's Music, host of the 'Laguna Blues Show'). We would really love to see you February 8th at Hurricane Bar and Grill to cheer us on for a chance to show the people of Huntington Beach that south OC is alive and well. This is call to arms!! Come down and if your a musician or band. This is for you too. We want to prove that quality music can be supported by Orange county fans. It's time to show the force of the OC as a musical mecca!! Thanks for all your support friends


Hi Friends, Well 2017 is well on it's way and we are already ecstatic with all the new attention we're getting. We have some great gigs coming up.We have been nominated for an LA Critics Award. The first single is mastered "Long, Long Road". We have a licensing deal on the table and "When I Look into Your Eyes" off our first album on hold. Keep your fingers crossed that it will be placed in a movie. Lexi G is back and sounding better than ever. We're still being played around the world and getting offers that may lead us to Nashville. All this and it's only the beginning of 2017. So, thank you for your support. We are going to return your kind support. We could use one favor. We are up for two LA Critics Award . You can vote for us by clicking on the link below and scroll all the way down and leave a comment like; Papermoon Gypsys for Best Blues Artist and Fan Favorite. Thank you so much for that vote. Let us know what we can do for you. Kenny and Lexi G


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Hello Guys!

Mercury in retrograde

Ok, I know a lot of you might not believe in astrology but I have to admit that this is a very challenging time we are about to go thru. I won't get into details but I can say that if there was a time to contemplate your future now is the time. Moving into the aquarian age is proving to be a very laborious birth. For the next three weeks hold onto your hats and think about what you want to do for your future. Not what other people want from you but what your heart is telling you because after the explosion of Mars and Pluto coming in January, all things are possible. Great change is on the horizon for not only you personally but I beleive globally. We've be in a four year cycle of pressure and the top is about to be released. Mercury in retrograde is going to last for about three weeks and then the fun begins but it's not going to be easy. Live your dreams but watch out for Karma and do onto other as you would have them do onto you. We are about to embark on a journey that won't see good results till mid March. Today is the winter solstice and it is procving to be a hard transisition. Many peopel are sick. I myself have had a constant migrain and I never have even a mild headache. This the universe cleansing what has gone before. Don't let you ego get in the way of seeing what is really what you need and want. Love one another and enjoy the ride because it might be a little bumpy. Peace.

Happy Holidays

Join me on my radio show this Friday with: PAPERMOON GYPSYS JUKE JOINT PREACDHERS PAPA J SOUL TO SOUL JOHN SAFARI Every year I put on an on air party celebrating local artist and another the show has been on the air. We are world wide and want to wish all our fans a Happy Holiday. Tune in on the internet at www.kx935.com or if your close enough KX93.5 FM on your dial. Party starts at 5pm Pacific Standard time. Don't forget to get your free download of our music as our gift to you. HAPPY HOLIDAY Papermoon Gypsys

Free Music

Hi Friends, Papermoon Gypsys are going through a transition right now so in keeping true with our fans we'd like to offer you our music free. You can now stream and download every song off our debut album with Wright records. We are now in the process of finishing our next album which will be geared more towards our roots in the blues but having said that, expect a few surprises. We will be releasing a couple of singles as we go along and for a period of time will make those tracks also free. We are also working on some great merchandise you can get from our website or Kenny's Music in Dana Point. You can hear Kenny "Big Daddy" Williams every Friday from 5-7pm PST on KX93.5 FM or online at www.kx935.com Right now we are booking shows probably for next year. We only have holiday parties and charity events that we try to do every year. So stay tuned and listen for the new changes coming. We are still in rotation worldwide and around the country. Don't miss the exciting show we have planned, coming soon!!

Real Blues Festival at The Coach House

Kenny here: Hi everyone!! Hope your enjoying all the new songs, blogs, and new things we've been trying to do to advance the new merging of Diana and the Papermoon Gypsys. Last year we had our album and this year we are helping promote Diana's critically acclaimed CD "Long Road" which has won three awards. On the tail of this we are doing The Real Blues Festival along with a bunch of other Festivals and gigs. The band is coming along really well and we are adding new material every week besides songs from the Papermoon Gypsys and Diana Rein. We don't have a lack of originals. LOL. We are also doing live feeds usually on Sundays starting next week at around 3pm PST. We are looking forward to our next big gig at the Coach House opening for the legendary James Harman on August 14th. Tickets can be purchased for $20 through the Orange County Blues Society or the Coach House in San Juan Capistrano and at Kenny's Music in Dana Point. Anyway, we are looking forward to meeting our fans at our shows. Please stop by and say hello so we know who you are and keep visiting our Reverberation page so see where we'll be next. Thanks for your support!! Kenny

The Music Biz

Ok, it's been a roller coaster ride, the last few weeks but the Gypsys are resilient. We hired on Doug Deutsch (PR guru) and things are really taking off, now. Our CD is getting tons of airplay and the magazines like Fireworks, Vents and more are writing about us. We are gearing up to do a new album. We are considering several studios to work in. Right now Jasmine studio with John Shriener is at the top of the list. We have several new distribution offers in the works.We are waiting for Wright records to fulfill their contractional obligations. If your considering going with them, contact me first. It's not always about the money but also how you treat people. Greed and lies are not great ingredients to making good music.Karma always comes back on you so lead with truth and love and the great things will follow. The Point every Sunday has been going great with each week getting more packed with fun loving people and talented pros coming to sit in. Looking forward to May with 4 Sundays in a row. Don't miss all this Happy Hour fun from 3-6pm. We didn't get into Doheny even though we had the most popular vote which was hard because the site was so hard to maneuver in. We practically had to walk everyone thru it. I still think we were the best band but I also believe there is politics involved. After ball it is the music biz. The person that won got the least amount of votes and Lexi G can sing circles around her. We are lacking in a good promotional video, though. The sound on our videos are bad so a video project is in the works too. and we are going to eliminate the old videos. The band has grown by leaps and bounds in the last few months which isn't evident except in our live shows. So come down and see us live to really get what we do. We'll be at The Point every Sunday (Except the last Sunday) and May 6th you can catch us on Spaghetti night at Cook's Corner in Trabuco Canyon. That's always a fun night. Thanks again for all your support!! See you on the road... Kenny

Band update

Well it was a busy February with two residencies and lots of other gigs, the Gypsys are moving full speed ahead. Catch us every Wednesday at Gallagher's in Huntington Beach or the first three Sundays at The Point in Dana Point. It's Friday and we'll be at the OC Tavern. It's our first time there so we could use some friendly faces in the audience. We are currently in first place for a spot at the Doheny Blues Festival. It's right down the street from us so we hope we make it. If you haven't signed up and are following us go to the Undercurrent Live link on all our pages. Sign up and follow us. If you need help call my Music store and I'll be happy to walk you thru it as it is kind of tricky. Next month we are coming Back to Casa Ranchero for a fun night of blues, rock and just general fun. Hope to see you there and everywhere!! Have a great week! Kenny

New Digs

So the Papermoon Gypsys just finished playing at the House of Blues with great success. If you missed it, you missed one of our best shows. There is a video of us now on YouTube. I first just put it on our page from Movie Maker and it got over 600 views instantly. Anyway, tonight we play our weekly gig at Gallagher's and we are still looking for bands who want to showcase their music at a popping club in Huntington Beach. Tonight we are featuring Ray Weston on drums (Wishbone Ash, Bjorn, Iron Butterfly and Ultimate Stones}. Friday we are playing the Cliffs in Laguna Beach. This is a great Friday night hang as we are in the courtyard surrounded by great shops and restaurants. This is an early one starts at 7pm. Sunday we start a weekly open mic at The Point in Dana Point. All ages welcome just bring your talent from 3-6pm. On all other fronts we are still working on our next album and as of now the tour is postponed due to unreconcilable differences. We are still working on a tour but NOT with RPMLive Entertainment. A big thanks for all the people who voted for us to compete for a chance to go to Barcelona. We did really well but just missed a guaranteed spot. But don't worry cause at some point we will be in Europe. It's just a matter of time. Take care everybody, Peace Kenny

A Chance to go to Barcelona

So as you probably noticed we are campaigning to get you guys to vote for us so we have a chance to compete in Hollywood and then play in Spain. We really feel we have a chance if we can get our supporters into voting. We really want this not only because playing in front of 60,000 people would be a rush but because we have friends and family there that we probably won't see for a while. Our summer tour is going to kick off on May 22 and end in Las Vegas on June 27th. We hope to see you all on the road and we will be journalling the whole trip. But what we need now is your love and support to help us get to that next level. We've always wanted to put Dana Point on the map and have pushed for the last couple of years to do just that. On Reverberation we are #1 Locally #1 Nationally and #1 globally. A lot of people scof at that but I don't see them doing it so maybe it's time to show everyone that has doubts that a small town band can actually break out and make a name for themselves is possible. The CD is getting great reviews. Our upcoming tour will prove that. Now it's up to you all to show us the love we know you have. A simple click is not to hard to do now is it? Can you give us a vote to get us to Barcelona? Here's the link. One quick vote and you get us closer to our family and friends cheering us on! Thank you!! http://www.hardrockrising.com/#/4642?artist_id=626919&voting_token=60c97f686bf2c290ad804f052aac32b3