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"HARD COUNTRY CAFE" Live at "Stagecoach salloon"

All of the songs recorded were recorded straight off of the soundboard with a noise/gate unit to control room noise, however it severely affected our harmonies that we practiced so hard getting right. They sounded properly done live, but in the recordings as we backed off of our mikes it appears to cut out. [just for the record] We did not set out to expose this music in the fashion that I have, but as another year passes with the loss of our best friend,and lead player "Dave Bolinger", I can only pray that he knows that he is greatly missed, and not forgotten. I hope that the Good Lord in Heaven enjoys his dedication and finger/style pickin as much as we have. These are the only tapes in existance of what we had set our goals out to accomplish. And even though the band has not played in years,the talent and dedication shine on.I dont know if we will ever try to re-group,it really took the wind from our sails,but if WE do I promise you'll be the first to know. "PUT SOME DRIVE IN YOUR COUNTRY" Jimi MIck


Bobby Heckler/Keyboards-vocals,is a one man show himself playing and singing in Piano Bars{Naughty Grapes} in Crown Point,In. Actually he is a school teacher by day, and an awsome part of the rythem /[honkey tonk piano]by night. Carl Watt aka/"Quick Carl,has been in many bands through-out the years. The original "MIAMI CRACKER" BAND. Lead/back-up vocals and Lead guitar. We needed a bass player,and Carl borrowed a bass,and the rest is history. Vocal abilities that range from Bob Segar to Willie Nelson,Chris Isaik.If you're not looking at the man singing,you would think that the original artist was in the room. A dedicated "ROCKER"himself,he also had a little bit of country in him from growing up with "FLOYD McCOLLY SR" My name is Jimi Mick/Lead-back-up vocals. Acoustis and electric guitars.My musical influences range from Merle Haggard to Metalica.A little gospel influences also.I am a singer/songwritter- Plumber by day. "ABSOLUTE PRECISION" Plumbind&Sewer [219]313-5486 [219]345-5466


"HARD COUNTRY CAFE" came into the music scene in 2000,from a little town called Crown Point,Indiana. Dont let the name fool you,this is a Rockin combination of Classic Rock, Blues,and in your face country/metal. Dave Bolinger[Hammond,In] was the man who put the [HARD] into the bands music.He was a guitar extrordenaire who's style ranges from Jeff Beck to the fingerstyle pickin of the likes of Chett Atkins,Les Paul,and many others.Unfortunatley Dave passed away just as we were at the top of our game.I will be dedicating a page to him in the near future,as to keep his musical talent alive and well.Dave always gave 200%,or nothing.Thank you goes out to Peggy Bolinger for her continued support, and patience,and the love and care that she gave to him in his final days.Our thoughts and prayers are with you.Kevin Cavinder from Wheatfield,In,{DRUMS/Vocals} was the man with the driving beat,and outstanding Lead, and back-up Vocals giving us our 4 and5 part harmonies . Bobby Heckler