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Another Gig and a weekend in the Living Room!

When we showed up to the gig, the first thing we noticed were the ducks in the swimming pool. Mallards, ... Children swimming with Mallards. That's all that can be said really... the Trio in full swing at the Yacht club beach, upright bass rides, and a smashed tip jar!!! Sam didn't want to play dominoes that night.

A toasty few drinks of coffee, and the loudest jazz session we've ever done happened the next afternoon in my parents living room. Sunday afternoons with Brick!... May the dear Lord bless them for being so patient.

Thanks to everyone who is behind us with this project!!!

A weekend in the Texas Hill Country!!!

The Harlan Hodges Trio made it's debut appearance this past weekend at FlatCreek Estates Vineyards in the Marble Falls area. The performance included premiers of new compositions including Fern the Indian and Portrait of a Grey Nude. We also had a terrific time rehearsing and recording in my parents living room until 5 am last Friday. Thanks to hard work and the hospitality (not to mention the high-tolerance for 3 jazz musicians late night working habits) We are very pleased to bring you some demo material which we are looking forward to putting on a full-length record sometime in the near future. Everyone's feedback is extremely important to us, and we look forward to bringing together more material within the next two weeks.

Also, a personal side note: From now on Ryan Garza is no longer Ryan. He is C.C. Garza. Spell it however you like it... C.C., Ci-Ci, SEE-Sea.... We're hoping it sticks... haha

-Harlan Hodges