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Lots Of New Music #Grinding

Posting Up Lots Of New Music !! Mad Projects underway 3 mixtapes dropping back to back on www.datpiff.com and other sites all for free download! go now and download my first mixtape "Welcome To The City Of Caine" also download my personal Music APP for android phones!! I'm still doing me getting my team together and maing shit happen #LocalMobFigurez you know the Deal! Follow ME On Twitter @ADfullClip @LocalMobFigurez

Food For Thought

To be the best at what you do you have to put in work. To become best of the best you need to become a strategist. "Full Clip"

A Billionaire didnt gain his position by following others and doing things the way its "Supposed" to be. He made it by developing his own strategy and taking risks in the process. Remember chances are made to be taken ... Don't live life the way they Expect you to, live life the way you desire and dont forget that anything and everything is within reach if you try hard enough. The sky's the limit !! Keep in thought that You need to sacrifice in order to gain ..... Just like an investment.

Blog from The Crib

Whats good ya'll! Just here to let you know I been working real hard on my mixtapes and other projects underway.Dont forget to check out songs from mixtape that will be up for grabs soon on my page here at REVERBNATION.This rap game aint easy and people wanna talk down on you and overlook you but as soon you get a buzz they wanna link up with you. Two words for them "Fuck Em.I'm only looking out for those who have believed in me from the jump.I'm on my own on this music tip.They say you aint shit without a team I agree but you need to choose them wisely.Still I'm here chasing this dream by all means by myself. one love for the few who will ride for me and believe I will make it.I just love the feeling when someone says they like my music or they love a certain song! Thats the reason I make music for ya'll to enjoy and reconize my talent and effort.Well back to writing this song and giving ya'll what ya'll been waiting for. I am a solo artist for ya'll who don't know. "A.D Full Clip" thats me! One love and get @ me , drop a line let me what u feeling from my music. Also get at me if you really trying to make something happen if your a producer,Artist,Engineer,Own A studio,Manager,A & R,ECT. I'm serious About mines and I'm ready to put in work and grind 365 !!