Flower Kings Tour Europe 2014

KARMAKANIC & SOUND OF CONTACT join THE FLOWER KINGS on the European spring tour 2014. Tickets now at: www.flowerkings.se

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New Pressing with REMIXES of 1st album

Remix Repressing of 1st Studio Album, Originally released in 2009.


The Fading Ghosts Of Twilight (7:29) - REMIX The Unwanted Brother (5:45) Afternoon Skies (4:01) Heroes & Beacons (9:06) Jesus On The Barricades (4:02) Waiting For The Sun (5:17) A Different Sun (8:08) REMIX Ready To Fly (4:53) People Like Us (4:54) A Soldiers Tale (11:58) REMIX Bomb Inside Her Heart (4:25) Mercy & Mercury (7:56) REMIX

Total Time 78:00

Line-up / Musicians - Nad Sylvan / vocals (Steve Hackett Band) - Roine Stolt / guitars, bass, vocals (Flower Kings, Transatlantic) - Biggo Zelfries / piano, organ, mellotron, minimoog, violin - Pat Mastelotto / drums, percussion (King Crimson, Stickmen etc.) - Zoltan Csˆrsz / drums (ex. Flower Kings) - Jimmy Keegan / drums (Spocks Beard) - Jonas Reingold / bass (Flower Kings, Karmakanic)

Vote for Roine, Neal, Jonas,Tomas, Mike & Co.


Nad on tour with STEVE HACKETT

As most of you know Nad Sylvan will be on tour with STEVE HACKETT for the Genesis Revisited Tour 2013. Youncan find all the tourdates here: http://www.hackettsongs.com/tour.html

Flower Kings +Neal Morse +Mike Portnoy on tour Feb 2013

Neal Morse Band & The Flower Kings As an "INSIDE OUT MUSIC 20 YEARS ANNIVERSARY" 3 wise men - 3 Progressive Rock superstars; NEAL MORSE, ROINE STOLT and MIKE PORTNOY set out to take their bands on a world tour together in selected cities in spring 2013, for a superior  evening of sunny,sincere, sinister, symphonic prog. The Flower Kings with the epic new album "Banks Of Eden" and rave album and live reviews, and Neal & Mike with the latest prog-rocking offering "Momentum" that shows that Neal is at the top of his game and blue bearded drummer is one of a kind. The shows will consist of members of both bands guesting on each others’ tracks, with a Transatlantic-themed finale every night. Roine: “We want to make a very special tour – to revive a bit of the early spirit of prog, when music was about jamming, friendship and fun. I can see lots of cool interaction that will culminate in a grand finale of Transatlantic music every night.” This double bill will offer an evening of some of the best, energetic and most vital progressive rock on the planet since the heyday of Pink Floyd, Yes, Genesis and sliced bread. With 3 members of Transatlantic it is not far away to a Transatlantic mini reunion as finale, plus more guesting, jamming and cunning plans of surprises to make this tour very special and annoyingly entertaining, or even remotely shocking in it's proglicious indulgence.

AoM - Last show in a while - Free 16bit download of Symphonic Epic Track

TO CELEBRATE THIS WEEKENDS SWEDEN PROG FEST 2012!!! 23-24th NOV in Stockholm - at Bryggarsalen .( www.swedenprog.se ) We Give You : AGENTS OF MERCY - THE BLACK FOREST - SUPREME SYMPHONIC REMIX 2012 - epic rendition in full CD quality 16 bit . Been hesitant to the greatness of AoM ? ... Go download it for your iPad, iPhone, iCon, iTV Android, or PC !!! Get to know the band.


And come see the show : There'll be Ritual, Anekdoten, Trettioåriga Kriget, Darxtar, Mårran, Mad Artwork, Sammla Mammas Typer, Brother Ape etc. Plus Agents Of Mercy this Saturday at 20:30 in their last gig in about a year.

Genesis & Flowers - Dressed in Drag & a Flag.

It's autumn...already ....

Sorry to be VERY slow on updates.

Good thing is - we've been busy.

Even better - we've been busy with music,

As some of you know, the mighty FLOWERKINGS have revived the flowery monster and put it to worx in a city near you. "The Banks Of Eden" tour is working it's way thu the Transylvanian mountains, lowlands of Budapest, the green and pleasant land of Scots and Brits, the even lower land of the Dutch, The holy land of Lord Jesus ..... and now the Russian and Japanese are just trembling in anticipation to hear the first hit of the Moog Taurus pedal.

And we've been lucky and we've had fun and music sounds better than ever.

Our dark lord Nad Sylvan on the other hand, have lent his vocal cords to Genesis knight of the guitars, Lord Hackett and the result is a beautiful new double album called "Genesis Revisited 2" ...hey wait, I'm on it too, fighting the sinister and hungry hunky Hogweed. Plenty of other well known and glorious progpreachers are on it too - Nik Kershaw, Neal Morse, Francis Dunnery, Simon Collins, Mikael Åkerfelt, Steven Wilson, Nick Beggs, John Wetton etc.

Next year Steve and Roger King will bring this circus to town, and guess what ...the dark lord Sylvan will front on a few of the classics...in fact quite a few dressed in drag and perhaps a Brittish flag. If it will be even close to the album it will most certainly be as close as you will ever get to hearing the "real" Genesis with Peter Gabriel anno 1971-75. A time when Hogweeds and Lamias were swirming the acidic brains of young progsters and our little sinister sister did not fear the funk of "We can't dance".

'Cause we can all dance to Apocalypse in 9/8.

See there ..... we're no slackers.

But anyhow - try get to one or both of our last few shows of this year - Agents Of Mercy will return ..We'll meet again - .don't know where, don't know when.

Greetings- Pale Rider. Oct 29th 2012.


NOW - Stockholm next - Bryggarsalen Thursday Nov 1st. THE FLOWER KINGS Don't wait - Just a few tickets left - See Royalty of PROG. http://www.tickster.com/sv/events/bdwgf1w90ttelv4

Tickets to The Flower Kings European tour 2012.

NOW Complete ticket info links for THE FLOWER KINGS european Tour 2012.

Aug 18th Slottsskogen Gothenburg SWE TICKETS: Free admission

Tue Sep - 04 Verviers - Spirit of 66 TICKETS: http://www.spiritof66.be/

Wed Sep-05 Aschaffenburg Colos-saal DE TICKETS: http://www.colos-saal.de/

Tue Sep-06 Pratteln Z-7 Konsertfabrik - CH TICKETS: http://www.z-7.ch/konzertkalender.php?PHPSESSID=f6eb736fc672933536f9df1976d8e44b

Fri Sep-07 Veruno Festival IT TICKETS: Free admission - http://www.soundandscene.com/2days-prog-+1-music-festival-veruno-italy-2012-[6760]/

Sat Sep-08 Verona Town Caselle di Sommacampagna Venue: Sala Polivalente TICKETS: http://www.clubilgiardino.org/eventi/vedi/203/the-flower-kings-masons

Mon Sep-10 Barcelona Music Hall DE TICKETS:http://www.musichall.es/conciertos/

Tue Sep-11 Madrid Sala Live SP TICKETS:www.facebook.com/frontlinesite/app_139727069409490 http://www.lasala.biz/entorno_real/conciertos/index.php#home

Wed Sep-12 Lisbon Paradise Garage PT TICKETS: http://www.paradisegarage.pt/

Fri Sep-14 Peralta Auditorium ES TICKETS:http://www.ticktackticket.com/entradas/goto.do?claves=.47746&origin=TTT

Sun Sep-16 Paris Divan du Monde FR TICKETS: http://eventful.com/paris/events/flower-kings-/E0-001-048386864-4

Mon Sep-17 Uden De Pul NL TICKETS:http://www.songkick.com/concerts/12434003-flower-kings-at-de-pul

Wed Sep-19 Karlsruhe Substage DE TICKETS: http://www.substage.de/programm-information/?aid=3C&page=tickets&from=preview

Thu Sep-20 Bochum Zeche DE TICKETS: http://www.germanticketoffice.com/the-flower-kings-zeche-bochum-145804l1331820-en.html

Fri Sep-21 Zoetermeer De Boerderij NL TICKETS: http://www.cultuurpodiumboerderij.nl/

Sat Sep-22 Leamington Leamington Spa Assembly UK TICKETS: http://www.seetickets.com/Tour/THE-FLOWER-KINGS

Sun Sep-23 Holmfirth Picturedrome UK TICKETS: http://www.picturedrome.net/tickets/Flower-Kings/20120923.htm

Mon Sep-24 London Scala UK TICKETS: http://www.seetickets.com/Tour/THE-FLOWER-KINGS

Thu Oct 4 PROG STAGE Dugal Beach, Sea of Galilee - Israel TICKETS: http://www.progstagefest.com/en/

Sat Oct 20 Warsaw Progresja - PL TICKETS: http://progresja.com/wydarzenia.php?id=452

Sun Oct 21 Krakow SOPHISCAPES 2012 Festival - PL TICKETS:http://www.rockserwis.pl/serwis.do?menu=main&pid=142148&l=1

Mon Oct 22 Bratislava Majestic Music Club - SK TICKETS: www.majestic.sk

Tue Oct 23 Budapest A38 _ HU TICKETS: http://www.eventim.hu/hu/jegyek/the-flower-kings-koncert-budapest-a38-hajo-270690/event.html#

Thu Nov 1st - SWE Stockholm - Bryggarsalen TICKETS: http://www.tickster.com/sv/events/bdwgf1w90ttelv4

Fri Nov- 2nd FIN - Helsinki Nosturi TICKETS: http://www.elmu.fi/

THE FLOWER KINGS - return 2012

THE FLOWER KINGS - Press statement Feb 2012:

Legendary progressive, iconic, symphonic rockband "The Flower Kings", formed in 1995 by guitarist, singer, composer Roine Stolt ( Transatlantic ), announce their immediate return to service in 2012, after an almost 5 years well earned hiatus. The band consisting of Roine Stolt, bassplayer extraordinaire Jonas Reingold, keyboarder grand deluxe Tomas Bodin, singer & guitarist Hasse Froberg and new 26 year old Berliner dextrous drummer prodigy Felix Lehrmann, started the recording of a new album at Varispeed studios in Sweden on January 23rd. The music is recorded in classic 70's style, with all musicians performing live in a room thru 70's vintage tube recording equipment and famous NEVE consoles. If all Gods and muses are onboard the new TFK is scheduled for an album release on June 6th on the Inside Out Music label (Century Media/EMI). The yet unnamed album has a 23 min epic centerpiece and the material is all classic Flowerkings style with all the dreamy melodic & cinematic elements that the bands fans has come to love over the years, but also contain some heavier psychedelic music and some darker hi energy material.

The band is likely to embark on a headline european tour in september this year but will have it's official first re-union gig at the "Sweden Rock Festival" on June 7th - 2012.

Source: Foxtrot Music/IOM/Century Media ............................................................................................................. Photo: Per Nordin