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Fans on twitter, we need your help!

Fans across the nation who use twitter, we need your help! We need a leader from each state to get us 500 followers on Twitter and in return you guys get

Signed Cd's, Picture signed, and when we come to your city you get backstage passes for you and your friends and an after party, exclusive with band. Chime in if you're interested

Show August 10th!

In case you missed our open mic tonight, we'd like to announce Jake Grahn as our new guitarist! Can't wait to finally rock out in front of everyone at our first show as a full band, August 10th at Kirkland's Summerfest!

Taking pre-orders now :)

Hey everyone! We're now taking pre-orders for our album... Comment below and we will private message you with more info on how to get your signed copy of the new album which you will receive April 3rd! Only people that pre-order will be able to receive a signed copy. Thank you all for the love and support, we couldn't do this without all of you :D

Album Release Date!

Hey everyone, you will be able to receive a hard copy of our album April 2nd! Thanks for all the love and support, we can't wait to start playing shows for you all :)