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🚨 🚨 ---------->>>>!! NEW MUSIC ALERT!! https://soundcloud.com/datroopa/da-troopa-and-jay-z-i-got-the-keys-cover #‎WedaBest‬ ‪#‎Rocnation‬ ‪#‎freeNation‬ ‪#‎whodatent‬ ‪#‎datroopa‬ ‪#‎gotthekeys‬ ‪#‎philly‬ ‪#‎Parkentertainment‬ ‪#‎whodatentertainment‬

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For many hiphop is just another genre of music but to us"HipHopHeads" it's more like therapy...physical,mental but most importantly emotional therapy! It's sad having to acknowledge the fact that hiphop as we know it today is nothing more than advertisements and gimmicks, I refuse to believe hiphop is dead, I perfer the term sleeping and with having said that...it's time to wake em back up! I'm starting with me and I hope you will do the same!

Boy Blue
Boy Blue  (over 6 years ago)

the reason y its sleepin is cuz muthafuckas wanna sell out to make it to mtv. u can find some of the best muthafuckas on independent labels. wit that said, keep doin ya thing girl


On June 1,1986 a star was born sent as a gift from above to forever shine like a light. This North Philadelphia native DA TROOPA is more than just a young lady with a pretty face and great physik,her humble attitude and outstanding drive as an artist makes her all the more loveable. Indeed she's gotten off to an early start singing since the age of 4,dancing since 6,writting since 7 and rapping since 12. She's currently taking her skill to another level by taking on the producing/engineering trade but to hear her tell it even that wasn't her biggest adventure. In the year 2000 DA TROOPA gave birth to a beautiful baby boy! It wasn't until the year 2006 when she met her manager/bestfriend Ace aka Mr.CEO that she really persued her career and it took off for the better. Together they formed and funded WHO DAT ENTERTAINMENT which is currently one of the hottest Indie labels in the city of Philadelphia!

This very talented young lady has breaken the barriers of racism,political retrobands and sexual diversities with her multi-cultural sound. DA TROOPA has no story,she is the story! The story of a survivor,co-signer of the abrubt society we've all come to know it,the story of a broken heart and the story of what joy is to come out when it's all said and done!

DA TROOPA: 'I have always been an artist! As a child growing up in Philadelphia, I was surrounded by history and found myself ''spellbound'' in a sense by people who found music to be more than just entertainment but more so an art of expression. I've studied the art for as long as I can remember,I further proceeded with following my interest by participating in local showcases,writing for a few Inde artist and dropping 2 crazy hot mixtapes back to back working on my third....... Growing up in the hood wasn't easy considering the murder statistics and drug trafficking in my area but unlike most who fall subject to the madness,I found the one thing that kept me grounded,music!