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Changing our name

Ladies and gentleman, and all the CT loyal. To quote Johnny in our song "Damned Nation"; the time has come for change. Most of you are, or should be, aware that we have been circumstantially forced to change our name - due to legal reasons. We are proud to finally announce that our new name is......*cue the drumroll, Justin*.........AS DARKNESS FALLS.

Yes, we're still the same band and still playing the same songs - just under a different name now. Please bear with us as we make neccesary transitions and adjustments to the pages.

With that.......we have another big announcement. We are returning to the stage! It is confirmed. April 20th, we will be taking the stage at St. Andrews Hall with the Kenny Olson Cartel, for the 2nd annual IV XX Spring Bash, presented by Four Twenty Clothing Co.! This is gonna be one hell of a show! We're treating this as our official comeback show! Come out and let's get down! See the flyer for details.

We thank you all for sticking with us over the years as Chaos Theory. This is a new era for the band. We're currently working on new material in the lab and plan on debuting some of it at the Four Twenty Bash (one more reason to come out!). Stay tuned and we'll see you all at St. Andrews on 4/20! AS DARKNESS FALLS - 2012! Let's do this!

Looking for bands in KY, TN, GA, OH AND FL

we re planning a summer tour down to Florida and back from June 19th through June 29. We'd like to hook up some bands in these dates and put together some great shows so we can make it down and back. Let us know if you are interested !!