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A Bluesy Song for You!

Wrote 'Send Down the Rain' as I was thinking about what I want for my life as compared to what my Father, God wants. At times they are so different. I want my way, my comfort, my loved ones to be happy, etc. Normal human tendencies perhaps, but not an over-arching concern in God's plan for my life. His plan is the most important and as He molds and bends me to His will, I begin to see more light. Ah such a long way to go. Comments welcome as you consider this. Blessings, Donna

A Different Kind of Song "That Kind of Love"

I wrote this song as I was thinking about the homeless. What might someone in that circumstance be thinking - would they feel abandoned? Would they feel unloved? Are we sharing Jesus' love with them? All questions I tried to answer in some small way through this song. I hope you are blessed by it and it moves you to be involved in helping others, homeless or in some other type of tragic circumstances. God Bless you as you work with Him for His kingdom! Donna/W2

Witness2 on Praise His Name Radio~

Beginning November 22, 2013 our newest songs "Remember I'm Not There" & "Each Time I'm Free" will be featured on PHNR. Check it out! Witness2 and other Christian artists! Link: http://www.praisehisname.net/

EXCITED ABOUT OUR NEW SITE!! www.witness2band.org

Hi everyone, please check out our new site www.witness2band.org. More information about us and more contact with you! Thanks! Donna & Tommy

Fun Evening @ Conway Presby

Had a great time last night playing for the Women of Faith Dinner @ Conway Presbyterian Church. We sang some old favorites and some new songs. The ladies liked the show. We used the new loop station - whoo -hoo!.

BerkleeSongwriting Course w/Pat Patterson

Taking a songwriting course with Pat Patterson. It's an online course that covers many interesting aspects of songwriting. I am discovering many new ideas! Study, study, study. Right now we are working on rhymes. Very enlightening and interesting! Will keep you posted here as I progress through the course. Can never know too much about our craft. Be blessed! Donna

Golden Radio - Each Time I Am Free-ON NOW!!!

Our song Each Time I am Free will be featured on GoldenRadio.com FRIDAY FEBRUARY 22 on South of Mike's Show http://goldenradio.tripod.com We are #7 in the playlist and will be playing now through Thurs. 2)28-click on the link and listen in! Donna


Working on a Video project to bring Amazing Grace/My Chains Are Gone to the world. Several artists from CCMNI.com and I are crafting our own individual videos of the song and then we will put them all together and release it to the public through youtube. We hope to have input from artists all over the globe. This is a not-for-profit venture. The purpose for doing this is to witness to the world about the grace and love of our Savior, Jesus Christ. Much to be done to get permissions and work out all the details-so this will take time. God has placed this in my heart to do-so I am following Him each step of the way! Stay tuned for more info as God grows this project.

Writing, writing, writing

More songs on their way. God is blessing me with working with someone out here on Reverbnation on a song called "The Nazarene". It is piano driven and I am writing some lyrics for him. So blessed to be collaborating with others here and on CCMNI.com. Both are great sites for meeting others and working together! No matter how far away physically it is still possible to work together-God is good! Blessings everyone, Donna

Sharing God's Word-It's All About Him

Hi everyone. When I began writing songs I knew God had something to say through me. My brother Tommy feels the same. We are here to spread the love of Christ to as many people as possible. Our new song "Branch In Your Vine" is coming out soon! It tells about my struggles trying to make sure I knew who Jesus really is. Is He really as close as my next breath? Does He love me as the Bible says? Can I really believe something so wonderful is TRUE? Yes! that is the wonderful mystery of how God loves us. He is our Savior, King, Provider, Counselor, and the Almighty God Lord of the universe. Be blessed today friends as you lay your life in the hands of our Master and Savior, Jesus Christ!