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Thank you so much to all our listeners on this page. We appreciate you so much! We hope all our songs encourage you and give you an extra lift to get you through your work week! Check us out on facebook @ www.facebook.com/donnatommyw2 Thanks! God bless you! Donna


Just started a study with a couple friends at church on Bruce Wilkinson's book the Dream Giver. It reminds me again, God has given each one of us a Big Dream (others refer to as a purpose) to fulfill. He has placed within us the desire to pursue and fulfill this Big Dream. One possible journey to make this happen is explained by the author in this book. As quoted from the back of the book "This compelling modern-day parable tells the story of Ordinary who dares to leave the Land of Familiar to pursue the Big Dream". I will post back on this blog as I continue through the study. Has anyone out there read this book? Until next time...Donna


Hi everyone. Just posted a new song on our page entitled "It Was Love". We hope it reaches deep down into your soul as you listen! May you be inspired and hopeful in Christ's love for us! Blessings, Donna


Hi everyone, thank you so much for your friendship out here and listing to our songs! We appreciate you and hope our songs help you as you live each day. God bless you! Donna

Serving My Fellow Citizens

I participated in one of our country's democratic privileges this past week. I served on a jury in our local county. The case was a criminal one. There were many difficult testimonies to hear. I am saddened by what happened. The victim and the defendant were both young and my heart went out to both of them. We returned a guilty verdict. The evidence was very clear-no doubts; however my heart was still breaking as we issued the verdict. It was very uncomfortable having to judge another person guilty. But, the person who was victimized deserved justice. I am honored to have the chance to participate in our judicial system. My heart will be sad for a while-but I know God is with me. Be blessed today friends! The only way we can be truly free is in our Lord Jesus Christ! Donna

NEW SONG Lyrics Completed~

Thanks to a word exercise from our friends @ CCMNI.com - Donna just finished the lyrics to a new song. Now, all that is left ;) is the melody! Stay tuned friends-something new is comin' your way!!!

The Story of Background on Our Page-Window Panes

Someone recently asked me what our background on our page represented. I selected this background as the individual panes in the window are blurred.You can't see through them clearly. This reminds me of what God tells me in His Word, the Bible. He, God, knows me completely. He knows my thoughts, my passions, my desires and my pain. But, even though I am His child, and I believe in His son, Jesus; I can/will only know Him in part right now. My finite mind cannot fathom His greatness. So I see Him dimly, as through these blurred window panes. The best is yet to come! Be at peace today friends. Donna

Cats In the Cradle...

One of our youth in our group is going off to join the marines on 9/10/12. He is interested in becoming a military man. He reminds me of David from the Bible. He loves God and I sense something in this young man that God really wants to do a great work in his life. Please pray for him. I work with the youth group at my church and he and I are friends. He is excited about this new adventure. I am excited for him. I love the heart of God I see in him. I called this blog Cats in the Cradle as I'm reminded we only have a certain amount of time to influence a young person's life. I want to listen to God and follow His lead in this area regarding all of the young people I work with. Have a blessed day today friends! Donna

Writing a Pop/Folk Song!

Hi everyone, I hope your Monday is going well! My honey and I traveled in our car this weekend back and forth to Michigan to visit family. We had a great time! On the way back home we were listening to the radio and I was noticing the beauty of the sky. The bouncing beat of the music just blended in so well with the scene before us. It inspired me to begin work on a new song. I'm remembering that God can been seen all around me-I just need to look up. So, stay tuned friends! Hopefully we will have a new song posted very soon. Be blessed this week~ Donna

Each Time (I Am Free)-STORY BEHIND THE MUSIC.........

Our brand new song Each Time (I Am Free) is a cry to my Lord. This summer I was a counselor at Camp Jumonville in Hopwood, PA. I had the great experience of meeting 11 special young ladies. I was able to talk with them about Jesus and show them friendship and love throughout the week. All of the girls really bonded together and formed a camp family quicker than I have ever seen before. God was truly at work in their hearts (and in mine). Each night, as I was laying down in my bed I would ask God "How can I be their friend?" I believe He answered me as I wrote about in the song "Just remember what I have done-I love you and them-I will take care of this". And He did! I was able to love them for the short time we were together. I pray for them every day. My Lord Jesus, will handle the rest. He is bigger than all my worries and cares. Be blessed today friends! Donna **Some photos of the beautiful mountain camp area and one of the girls looking out over the mountain are posted here in our photo section**