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Going through the study.....

I am going through the study "Experiencing God" by Henry & Richard Blackaby, Claude King. I'm discovering that God expects me to love my Christian bros. and sisters as family. I'm beginning to understand what this means. Before studying about this, I had a separate compartment in my heart for blood relatives vs my church friends. However, God doesn't want that for me. He wants me to take the love He has given to me for my immediate family and "open that up" so to speak, to include ALL my Christian bros. and sisters. The really neat thing is, when we love God with our whole heart, He gives us that love to share. He gave it to me for our youth when He called me to work with them. That same love He wants me to share with all Christian I meet. Be blessed today my friends-my family in Christ! :) Donna

Working on Picnic Music

Had a GREAT practice tonight for our 8/26 combined picnic event! It was really fun working together to make music so people could enjoy the event more fully. I'm tired, but we got a lot done. Whew! Take care all, Donna/Witness2

A special thank you to Witness2 fans!

Hi everyone, wanted to write a blog here to thank you for being a Witness2 fan. We are so blessed to be called by our Lord to share our music. And we are so blessed to have you as our friends out here on Reverbnation.God has given us songs to share. He reveals more of His purpose everyday.Have a great week ahead! Donna/Witness2

Song Collaborations~

It's been a busy summer! The days are flying by as fast as the thermometer is rising :) I have been spending a lot of time working on song collaborations. The internet has really shrunk our world. I recently have done two song collaborations. One with a gentleman from the Netherlands and one with a lady from the UK. The first one I added vocals and the second guitar and vocals. Coming together with others to create music really helps me to grow into a better songwriter. It exposes me to different writing styles and stretches my abilities. A good experience. Blog with you all soon-be blessed!......Donna/Witness2

Staying the Course

Enjoying the summer and playing at our church with the worship team. Added a new member this past couple of weeks. We are working together very well and perfecting our offering to the Lord. If you are in the area, please stop by and visit. We are located @ Baden United Methodist Church, State St. & Dippold Ave., Baden, PA 15005. The services are every Saturday evening from 6-7 pm. You are always welcome - anytime! God Bless! Donna

Worship Team Work & Teamwork-Paying Off

In the last 6 months, our worship team has been reshaping and rebuilding. We are beginning to see the many hours of practice and hard work come to fruition. The congregation is really involved in praising God. They are singing out and getting more comfortable with the worship experience. It is wonderful to see them relax and get swept up in the music. The worship leading experience is also new to me. I really love serving God in this way. I never thought this is where I would be; but God has His plans. This has happened so many times in my life-but that is another blog for another time! :) God bless you and have a great week! Donna/Witness2