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Richard Gauthier / Blog

"I like Reverbnation" or "It's nice to be #1 but..."

Well , I like Reverbnation. When I signed up and entered the charts at #24 for Alternative in Victoria, B.C. I was pretty happy with that. I soon recieved words of encouragement from a fresh, young Sam Weber. At the time this young, promising, anxious quivering earred musician held the #1 for Altenative in Victoria. I looked up from my lowly chart position and could humbly offer gratitude for his kind words. About a month later, I'm #1. Having hooked up with the likes of j.j.AKA jarah, madam A.p, bruno DA uno of the i.e.u.e. movement, plus that really cool and supportive guy who does electronica from vancouver. i got him on facebook, i forget his name, but he's super cool...true blue revolution or something...anyways...( FULL DIMENSIONAL STEREO he is cool, as I mentioned and supportive, as a street teamer etc.) I forgot my point...oh YES! so now i'm #1. I should be content but I know that Ethan Caleb is hot on my heels. Now, for the first time I realize that I am constantly looking over my shoulder. On the charts I am ahead of Vince Vaccaro who has a record deal and consistent airplay on the Zone fm. I am well ahead of Kytami who is an amazing musician and who has facebook pictures of an olympics after party where she is chilling with Sidney Crosby, Yuna Kim, some curlers and Hamelin. I am ahead of Qristina Quinn Bachand who are opening for Ashley MacIsaac. So yes, I am that good. :D Anyways, peace everyone. Buy a tshirt and take care!

Blog-meister McFresh

As I was passing by the B.C. Legislative buildings I noticed there was something going on. A few days ago there was the red carpet out for the Lt. Gov and Premier. Today, I saw another event. Initially , I thought to myself, "oh its probably just a bake sale..." Oh how I laughed on the inside! :D A bake sale! At the legislative buildings! How witty am I? Upon further investigation, I learned that it was a demonstration. Not sure for what...I saw the word "homeless" on a piceters sign...also the word "Pogue" ( possibly a proper name ) and the acronym C.A.P.P I think it's a demonstration in support of homelessness OR possibly an anti-homelessness demonstration...

I feel like a Blog

Yeah, its just one of those days. Just gift shop sitting; letting go of feelings of time wasted. God, was I blessed! Right time, right place. Still am. Telling myself make music always. This is the type of blog where someone other than myself will read it and say , "wtf is he talkin' about, doesn't really make any sense." Its the type of blog entry that I will read in a week or two and say , "wtf was I talking about. I was vague and somewhat nonsensical. So, I will editorialize! Pomp going on today at the Legislative Buildings! Probably for the olympics; opening legislature for a few days Lt. Govenor , Prime Minister will show up or something. My bitter mood this morning made me inclined to smirk spitefully and think of it as a "showy waste" However, as an entertainer I should probably not make such a judgement call. :D So, I am editing this, after the fact. A random lady walked out of the South Pender conference room talking on her cellphone and I overheard her say , "Oh, Boo Hoo, ...go Canada!..." So, I thought to myself, "Is this because of my blog post on reverbnation?!" Does she think I am anti-Canadian or anti-Olympics because I said that whatever was going on at the BC legislature was a "showy waste"? It's likely that this lady was referring to something other than my Reverbnation blog post. Still, it made me think, "I sound like a little whiney princess don't I?" So. I'm not here to debate about how public funds should be spent and on what. Only thing I have control over is what I spend my own personal funds on and I haven't been altogether pleased with where THOSE have ended up. I like the Olympics, for the record. I'm not crazy into them but I watch, I like. So the world is not a perfect place (debatable). Wait, let me rephrase that, the world isn't managed perfectly...yet. In the meantime, the Olympics are a pretty cool diversion. So, random lady talking on the phone about something completely unrelated to my blog, thank you. :D