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103.5 the FOX

So Tyler called me and woke me up at 7 this morning to inform me that we made top five in "The best garage band in Denver" contest hosted by Lewis and Floorwax, and that "War Song" of our newly released album had just been aired on 103.5 the FOX FM. Not gonna lie, that was a pretty freekin good start to a Monday

Packed the House!!

Ok so if you were at the CD release show at the Walnut Room, you dont need me to tell you how packed that joint was.. Thank you all so much for your support we are truely overwhelmed by this responce and we love you all. Thank you again!

Dave Sonner on Reverb Nation

Hey Friends I am in the process of expanding my network availability. We are still working on the record but I will up load song bits and rough recordings so you guys can follow our progress in this overwhelming endeavor!

Cheers! Dave