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Colossal Head

I am searching for some musicians. A bass player and a drummer with singing/harmony capabilities. The idea is to take Blues, Classic Rock, and R&B music to a new horizon. Stretch it out a bit, in some cases. Mix in a healthy dose of dynamics and let the tiller take over. Think: Allman Brothers, Magic Sam, Los Lobos, Ry Cooder, Sam and Dave, and Chris Whitley. everybody loves the sound of a train....Cheers, Tiny B.

When Arrows Meet

Now that I have written some more songs, It's time to road test them and see what happens. Playing them live, you get to hear what works and doesn't. Even though you have tried lots of ideas for each song at home, I believe that playing them out shows their true colours. Phrasings can change, melodys move around. It can be a bit nerve wracking, especially when you are a solo artist. But I will take that over anything else. Let's book some shows!

She's so heavy

Anybody in the Portsmouth area want to start a Blues, Rock, R&B trio? I'm looking for a bass player and a drummer. Vocals are a plus. I'm thinking Magic Sam and Albert King hanging out with the Allman Brothers on the way to a Sam and Dave gig.

A Northern Soul

I'm working on some new material for my next album, and looking forward to getting into the studio at the end of summer. Purchase my C.D. A Northern Soul, or buy one of the singles to help off-set the studio costs. Let's get this music out to the people! Cheers.