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Tracklist for Hypnotic Affliction!

Tracklist for the new album! Things are subject to change, but this is affirmed so far. 1. Field of Illusions 2. Hypnotic Affliction 3. Awaken 4. Cry of Contrition 5. Fortune Fall 6. Locked Inside Madness 7. Starlit (Dust echoes) The album may include a bass solo from our own Orin Hubbard as well!

Update on album production!

We're drawing closer to the end! Recording process is going very well and it's all coming together... Hypnotic Affliction will feature 7-9 songs, we're still going over which ones but it hasn't slowed us down on the recording end. Many songs on the disc (Cry of contrition, Serpent's of wisdom, etc) were written around the start of Excrecor between 2001-2003 era. Over time, they change, get re-written, revamped, etc, until now when it's time to release it! So why has the fabled first album taken so long? A few reasons actually: One, we weren't going to release a CD without the final full lineup of Excrecor, it took a long time to get us together and was probably the biggest reason we hadn't released Hypnotic Affliction earlier. Another reason are technical issues, we do everything ourselves and have gone through about 3 computers in the last 10 years. Lots of trial and error, learning and testing got us to where we can produce our own CD and (hopefully) make it sound good without outside help. Technical issues kept us in the dark about a year or two ago, it stopped our recordings and we went on to continue playing shows without dealing with the frustration. It's one reason “Synchronicity” was released last August, as those tracks were originally going to be on Hypnotic Affliction but got released as a demo ahead of time since they were the closest to completion. We did want to re-do a couple of them in the future but it hasn't worked out that way as of yet. In the meantime during all of this, we've been writing and have the songs for the next album mostly finished (“Upcoming Song Clip” on myspace for instance). Right now we're working like clockwork and almost done with this album, ready to spend the spring/summer/fall playing as many shows as possible. Artwork will be ready soon and we can't wait to show you!

Download our Demo/EP for free!

http://excrecor.bandcamp.com/album/synchronicity Download the EP from that link, if you wish to have a physical copy please see this link: http://kunaki.com/sales.asp?PID=PX000XW56Z&pp=1

looking to the future

Now that we have finished our Demo and its finally out in all forms we have been playing shows regularly and are really looking forward to finish the whole album. On a side note I (Ehren) have been recording some local bands refining my recording and mixing skills. one of is Archaic Eclipse. Check 'em out We have some shows coming up so gear up and come out to see us play because there is nothing like a good show.

(check our Myspace for our schedule if nothing is posted here)

Demo nearing completion

We have our demo "Synchronicity" almost finished, it includes 4 songs: Attrition Eridanus The Siren Parallel Harmonic Synchronicity In the meantime, our full length is being worked on in the background as well. Show possibilities after the demo is released.