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Roughin and toughin.

2013 so far has been a blessed one. Yea.. we all have our struggles and obstacles.. But if we stay positive, keep our eyes on the prize, thank the LORD for His blessings and do the work..then we will get through it and be victorious. Hope this is the year for YOU too. Leggo!


Had such a blast working on @TheXFactorUSA this season. Met some amazing people and made new friends. Tonight is the Season Finale. Who's gonna be crowned the winner? @tatestevensctry? @FifthHarmony? or @CarlyRoseMusic? It was an honor working with you all. xoxo.


Just Had an awesome learning experience from a seasoned guru of all things music. Be eager to learn & take everything taught to you as a stepping stone to help you get to your goal. Otherwise...you are just blocking yourself from GREATNESS!!! I. A.M. Chellé!!

The return.....

SO while helping my friend with her music page....I was inspired to come back and revamp mine a bit...Its been a cool minute. But Now im back and want YOU. Write me. Would love your feedback. In due time... I will have new music posted. Stay blessed