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Darryn Zewalk / Blog

12.4.2012 Did a song get cut from my album?

I spent today at the Closet Studio with Jordan McCleod and Kendal Osborne.. everthing went very well we are now taking notes and deciding what is too loud, what needs to be brought up in the mix and various other things that Kendal and Jordan was talking about that I actually had no clue.. However... One of the songs on my project titled "On the inside" was almost on the Outside... Jordan and Kendal both felt that this song was the weakest on my album.. I absolutely love the song. We are negotiating and I think that we are going to go completely acoustic with Kendal's great guitar playing. I will sing the lead and sing a simple background vocal. I am truly excited about the direction of this album. I have learned so much from working with guys that are truly young enough to be my kids.. Technology is a great thing. I will keep you posted as things develop.. next Monday the 10th, I meet with Jordan to listen to adjustment suggestions that we made today. I pray that your day has been a blessed one filled with great things. Take care, stay encouraged & God bless you.

11.21.2012 "Deaf Hear" by Dennis Fisher

When Thomas Gallaudet graduated from seminary in 1814, he had planned on becoming a preacher. However, his call to the ministry took a different turn when he met Alice, a 9-year-old, hearing-impaired girl in his neighborhood. Gallaudet began to communicate with her by writing words with a stick in the dirt.

Helping Alice motivated him to help others too. After consulting with European and American experts in educating the deaf, he refined a system widely known today as “signing” (a person’s hands spell out the message). Eventually, he established the American School for the Deaf.

Gallaudet’s school for the hearing-impaired contained a Christian curriculum that shared the gospel and included Bible instruction. He had answered the call to preach—but it was to a very special group of people. Signing was the way he communicated the gospel.

Like Gallaudet, we too should be sharing the Word of God with people in ways they can understand. Otherwise, “How shall they believe in Him of whom they have not heard? And how shall they hear without a preacher?” (Rom. 10:14). How might God want you to reach out to those around you?

Seeking the lost, and pointing to Jesus, Souls that are weak and hearts that are sore; Leading them forth in ways of salvation, Showing the path to life evermore. —Ogden Don’t withhold from the world the best news that’s ever come to it.

11.6.2012 (Darryn Zewalk Countdown to my New Album)

Today has been a blessed day. I am truly looking forward to going to the studio on this coming Monday. I am looking forward to reconnecting with my great Sax player Louie Walker. He is planning on playing on 6 of tunes for my upcoming album. I am also looking forward to seeing Kendall Osborn of closet studios and my producer Jordan McCleod of runaway studios. I will keep you posted on everything as it i occurs I will do my best to get some pictures and some small clips of the music. Here is a link to my music for your enjoyment. Please let me know your thoughts. I appreciate your support. Take care, stay encouraged & God bless you.


10.18.2012 (Darryn Zewalk Update)

Today has been a great day and I am happy to be home from the job. I am blessed the Lord granted me another day here on this earth. I am excited about things to come.. my actual art work for my branding as well as hearing the tracks from Louie Walker and His great sax creations for 5 of my tracks... I will also connect again with Jordan to see how things are going with the project as there are many things that need to be done as far as the mixing process.. we also have more recording to do.. so patience is a virtue with all of this. So I feel very blessed in this very room. I am leaving you with a devotional titled "In this very room" by David C. McCasland.. At our church we often sing the beautiful song by Ron and Carol Harris: “In This Very Room.” It begins, “In this very room there’s quite enough love for one like me.” This song reminds me that although there is great encouragement in gathering with other Christians for worship, the important thing is that Christ is present. But it goes beyond that. He is with us not just at church but in every room of our lives.

I wonder where you’re reading this—a kitchen, a coffee shop, a prison cell, a military post? Perhaps you’re in a hospital or a courtroom. It may be a room that reflects everything that’s right in your life or a place that represents all that’s wrong. And you might be afraid.

In the aftermath of the awful reality of Jesus’ crucifixion, His followers met in a familiar room. John records that “when the doors were shut [locked] where the disciples were assembled, for fear of the Jews, Jesus came and stood in the midst, and said to them, ‘Peace be with you’” (John 20:19). A week later it happened again when Jesus entered through locked doors to bring peace through His presence (vv.26-29).

Wherever you are today, “There’s quite enough hope and quite enough power to chase away any gloom, for Jesus, Lord Jesus, is in this very room.”

When in the midst of life with its problems, Bent with our toil and burdens we bear; Wonderful thought and deep consolation: Jesus is always there. —Lillenas Our loving God is always near—forever by our side.

10.15.2012 (Darryn Zewalk Update)

Back to work today and man it was busy and hectic.. I was truly glad to enjoy the ride back home today. Once I got here I was greeted by my awesome wife and we had dinner tonight at Charleston’s I had my usual oven roasted chicken and it was wonderful. I am blessed again to have witnessed this beautiful day here in Tulsa. I pray that your Monday has been Magnificent one. I did run across a awesome quote today from Oswald Chambers today that stats: If we are devoted to the cause of humanity, we shall soon be crushed and broken-hearted, for we shall often meet with more ingratitude from men than we would from a dog; but if our motive is love to God, no ingratitude can hinder us from serving our fellow men. Take care my friends & God bless you.

10.14.2012 (Darryn Zewalk Update)

Today has been a day of worship. I had 2 services today and the Lord was in the house. I was truly blessed by the word that was brought today. I also got a surprise visit today from my daughter and her boyfriend. It truly was a great day we had dinner at the church and everything went well. I am blessed the Lord allowed me to see this beautiful day. It truly was a perfect fall day here in Tulsa today. I pray that your weekend has been an amazing one filled with great things. So how was your weekend? Anything special happen this weekend? Are there any prayer request? I would appreciate you responses. I appreciate your friendship and hope that we continue to stay connected. Take care, stay encouraged & God bless you

10/13/12 (Darryn Zewalk Update)

Today has been a great day of family and productivity. I am blessed to have had the opportunity to see this day. I spent the day with my wife and her family.. we had a great day and enjoyed our time together. I have also sent some of my music to a local production company for a movie that is being produced here. I got the invitation from my lawn man Victor Muse who is playing in the movie. I will let you know if anything gets selected. I do pray that your day has been a blessed one filled with great things. Take care and stay encouraged. Tonight I am leaving with this devotion simple titled "Who's the Audience?" by Philip Yancy

I  used to view the worship service  in church as a time for entertainment. Speaking of folks like me, Sören Kierkegaard said that we tend to think of church as a kind of theater: We sit in the audience, attentively watching the actors onstage. If sufficiently entertained, we show our gratitude with applause. Church, though, should be the opposite of the theater. God is the audience for our worship.

What matters most takes place within the hearts of the congregation—not onstage. We should leave a worship service asking ourselves not “What did I get out of it?” but rather “Was God pleased with what happened?”

God took pains to specify details of animal sacrifice for the ancient Israelites in their worship. Yet He said that He didn’t need their animals: “I will not take a bull from your house, nor goats out of your folds. For every beast of the forest is Mine, and the cattle on a thousand hills” (Ps. 50:9-10). What He wanted was their praise and obedience (v.23).

By focusing on the externals of worship, we too miss the point: The Lord is interested in a sacrifice of the heart, an internal attitude of submission and thanksgiving. The goal of worship is nothing less than to meet and please our God.

Lord, may our worship and our praise, From hearts surrendered to Your ways, Be worthy offerings of love For all Your blessings from above. —Sper At the heart of worship is worship from the heart.

10/11/12 (Darryn Zewalk Update)

Today has been a blessed one. I have truly had a busy day at work. After work, I have had a rehearsal with the Voices of Praise. We had a great rehearsal and we learned Get your blessing and Awesome... I am blessed to have been apart of the rehearsal tonight. I am truly working on myself and my phrase for this week is to not let "emotion trump logic" It is vital that we make good sound decisions in everything we do and not let emotions overcome our logic. I pray that your day has been a blessed one filled with great things. Take care, stay encouraged & God bless you. Tonight I am leaving you a devotional titled Impact for Christ by Dave Branon

Over the past several years, I’ve been privileged to travel with teenagers on eight mission trips. One thing I’ve learned in those excursions is that teens are not too young to make an impact for Jesus—either on me or on others whose lives they touch.

I’ve also noticed that the teens who make the biggest impact for Christ match the characteristics Paul told Timothy about in 1 Timothy 4:12. Trying to convince Timothy that his relative youth did not have to be a deterrent to his ministry, Paul told him to “be an example to the believers” in several areas.

In word: Young people who make a difference for Christ control what they say, avoid negative talk, and speak words that honor God. In conduct: Teens who practice discretion in their behavior shine for all the world to see. In love: By taking heed of Jesus’ words to love God and their neighbor (Matt. 22:37-39) teens please Jesus and touch hearts. In faith: Those who put their faith into action change lives. In purity: It’s tough to be morally pure and doctrinally sound, but kids who are can set the bar for the rest of us.

Paul’s words aren’t just for the young generation. All of us should be an example in word, conduct, love, faith, and purity. That’s how we make an impact for Christ.

O Christians, remember, you bear His dear name, Your lives are for others to view; You’re living examples—men praise you or blame, And measure your Savior by you. —Anon.

The most valuable commentary on the Bible is a godly life.

10.8.2012 (Darryn Zewalk Update)

Today has been a Magnificent Monday.. I reached 1000 e-mails on Reverbnation and now I have upgraded to new package so that i can receive more. If you would like to stay in touch with musically and get the first listen to my new upcoming single selection please follow this link and join me. I would love to have you. I am always interested in what you think about my new music. There is nothing like friends that help you along the way to assist you in going where you need to go with real honest opinions. I do appreciate each of you and I am blessed that you are in my life and have shown a interest in me as a person as well as a musician. Here is the reverbnation link http://www.jdarrynzewalk.com/fr_home.cfm Thanks for all your support. Take care, stay encouraged & God bless you. Tonight I leave you with an excerpt from Win or Lose by David McCasland (Our daily Bread)

The apostle Paul experienced God’s deliverance many times, but he didn’t insist on things going his way. From prison in Rome he wrote to Timothy: “I am already being poured out as a drink offering, and the time of my departure is at hand” (2 Tim. 4:6). Some might say that Paul had failed to accomplish his goals and that his life was ending in defeat. But he saw it differently: “I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith” (v.7). He looked forward to an eternal crown (v.8).

As we walk with God, we can praise Him for His faithfulness—win or lose.

I can always count on God, my heavenly Father, For He changes not; He always is the same. Yesterday, today, forever, He is faithful, And I know He loves me, praise His holy name! —Felten In every change He faithful will remain. —Katharina von Schlegel

10.6.2012 (Darryn Zewalk Update)

Today has been day of rest and relaxation. I have actually got a lot done today regarding my business goals. I am getting things done with the grace of the Lord. I am truly learning and getting more organized as time goes on. Today I can feel the cold weather outside and not sure that I am ready for fall but it is here. How has your Saturday been? I pray it has been a blessed one filled with great things. Tonight I have found a very inspiration devotion to my friends that are going through obstacles. the title of this devotional is called "Drop you Hands" by Joe Stowell

You’d think I would have my mother’s fingerprints embedded in my knee from all the times she squeezed my leg in church and whispered in no uncertain terms, “Be still.” Like any boy, I had a bad case of the wiggles in places like church. So for years, when I read, “Be still, and know that I am God” (Ps. 46:10), I thought of it in terms of not being antsy.

But the Hebrew word for still means “to cease striving.” It’s the concept of putting your hands down and letting God intervene in your situation without your interference. This word picture is interesting, since we often use our hands to push things out of our way, to protect ourselves, or to strike back. When we drop our hands, it makes us feel defenseless and vulnerable—unless we can trust that “God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble” (v.1), and that “the Lord of hosts is with us; the God of Jacob is our refuge” (v.7). In other words, stop struggling and wait on God to do His work!

In the face of all of life’s circumstances, we can know the peace of trusting the presence and power of God in the midst of trouble as we wait patiently and prayerfully for His deliverance. So drop your hands, for God’s hands are busy on your behalf!

Be still and know that He is God For pathways steep and rough; Not what He brings but who He is Will always be enough. —Anon. When we put our problems in God’s hands, He puts His peace in our hearts.