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veragroove a las vegas!

were goin to Las VEGAS!! Here in the great but bipolar state of Arizona, as blaine coffee once stated, we are 6 hours away from the city of sin and 6 hours from the city of angels...It seems at this point in time we are destined to be at the former, appropriately enough at the age where we can all gamble...I can't express how excited we all are to have this opportunity not only to play a show in Vegas at the Luxor with Cee Lo for Red Bull, but also to get away from home for awhile and enjoy the atmosphere of a different place. its nice to travel...we need to start to do that..haha. Slowly but surely!

Dec 4th Show

So we've all been recovering after grinding tryin to make the EP Release show at the Marquee the greatest possible :) Corey, Johnny, and Jake Ross sold a bunch of tickets, I think we brought around 350 by ourselves, 900 total came out to the show...Thanks everyone for your support We got new music comin your way... Right now we are working on getting our Website, Myspace and Twitter all in line..as well as two music videos for "Hand in Hand" and "Mind Body Soul", both acoustic tracks on the EP. Travelin Man EP will be available on iTunes in about two weeks, thanks to CD baby and Blaine Coffee for getting the CD printed and Nicole Vettraino for the beautiful album art. We are looking forward to the new year, a new year of changes, progress and general madness. Stay tuned, we will have live band practices hosted by YouStream on facebook, as well as live video footage coming your way ! the Veragroove

Veragroove Update - Monday, May 3rd 2010.

We've been staying busy over the past few weeks, months even, getting consistent shows and developing a loyal following. A few days ago we all took a small road trip to Kingman to play at the Timeout Tavern for a few loyal fans up north. We always have a great time over there with psycho and the whole collective up at Satelite 13, one of the local skate shops. Then we came back to Phoenix, played at the afterparty for a local Tattoo Convention at Big Fish Pub in Tempe...Rocked a full set had an awesome time at the after party. We also had the opportunity to play at Westgate at Jobing.com Arena in Glendale and got hooked up with some tickets to see the Coyotes slip against the Red Wings...Perhaps soon other AZ sports teams will follow the Cardinals example...! haha lookin forward to the future, to stayin on the path! keep up everyone