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Any (ev'ry) other beach town,,,,

I always hate reverting to the old and boring trick of a writer writing about the fact that he or she has nothing to write about.; or rather, nothing inspiring enough to warrant putting into a physical form. I hate using this strategy to develop ideas; but I don't think so highly of myself that I am incapable of sometimes ("WHAT A MIRACLE"!, screams the Chorus of friends who tell me that I talk too much) of having much, if anything to say. ....things flip on their head sometimes...and sometimes the coin can land on its' edge. I feel like the coin on its' unlikely edge: an unnatural and twisted posture for such an object. Does there really exist a massive contingent of people who are overwhelmingly passionate about "Mall" pretzels...i.e. the giant, puffy variety? I just don't get it. It would be very cool of you to listen to our songs and like us on FB, support us by paying a little for our songs, merch. available via our site on reverbnation.com and our facebook reverbnation widget...generally: just listen, if you would and tell a few friends. It would be very cool, indeed. ....Damn...sorry this wasn't more inspired. --NGP

The idiocracy in a small, but potentially over-blown grid-coordinate

This is Nick. We will be in and of standard idiot consciousness soon enough: we NEED you to keep the hope alive that music of quality AND quantity can exist in our woefully homogenous age. If you heard us and liked us: you GOT it. I WRITE AS i BEG YOU TO TELL OTHERS WHO WILL "get it" ABOUT OUR WORK.. I could lie and say that making this music is a choice: it, is however more of a panicked and obsessive need. We go nowhere. Your move(s) --NGP

Since "Indiana Jones" (character property of Lucasfilm) is 70; I feel old

I look forward to making life difficult (or rather allocate their due amount of bullshit) for those who have NO difficulty. Some douche homeless-fuck decided to use a bag of someone elses' clothes, at our local Laundromat, as a pillow, laid down on a bench (taking up the seating space of 4 people [paying customers]) Douchefuck then proceeded, after far too long, as the outline of condensation from his body-heat proved how long he had likely been there. I should have woken him with a swift kick in the balls. The question I beg is this: You liberals who'd think that a wrong and violent action, who donate money to charities for the homeless..Q:ON A ONE ON ONE BASIS, HOW DO YOU TREAT THEM. A: likely answer gleaned from direct observation: YOU IGNORE THEM AS IF THEY LITERALLY DO NOT EXIST. That is fucked up and NOT something in sync with the spirit of giving. I talk to anyone and everyone. If they are friendly and interesting: I have nothing but perspective and/or information to gain. All I can say is that everyone should do that which all the cliche remarks state: do unto others...., be charitable (if you are too stupid, that has almost nothing to do with "money" as such, don't think you are "better" than the homeless or those in need of "help" of any sort as "LESS" than you because "You have it 'together', "Want for nothing""......THIS IS EXACTLY THE REASON YOU SHOULD LEARN TO BE CHARITABLE....WITH MONEY IF YOU HAVE IT TO SPARE; BUT ALSO WITH YOUR TIME. If you don't "have it", fucking make it. If you don't give a shit about any of this; no problem: I am only talking to the hypocrites who donate cash to idiotic "Feed The Needy" programs who help almost nobody. Go to the damned store, buy some food and go give it to people who need it. USE YOUR HEAD! no canned food unless you bother to bring a bunch of can openers....think how your attempt at magnanimity turns into a useless blunt set of objects that will be fought to the death (we can only hope...[if you are too dumb to not realize I am joking here, fuck you] over due to how services exist everywhere in the nation (might be less convenient in Podunk, Nowheresville...but the services exist) The problem exists as our gov. is an albatross of inefficiency: it'd stand a chance were it not a blunderbuss: but it is. We are on the verge of having the basics for our new songs that will appear on line, on CD, and on 180-gram LP. We will take pre-orders(on the "honor system"..--meaning just promise us you'll be able to pay via credit/debit when what you ordered is released..none expected now, as I have no prices to give you..however.., my estimates: Download: $12 [max] CD:$14 lots of extra goodies, thus the potential price being high [max]) and Vinyl::$26[max] (the vinyl will contain load of 'swag', stickers, and a load of stuff for the do what you will with (I try to never end in a preposition.....anyhow Be aware it is on the way. Buy a shit, or our EP so you don't look like a poseur when we are famous. (tongue superglue to by cheek at the moment) --Nick-Gerald Peterson

The cost of independence....

I was born during the infamous bullshit of the Mourning In America...just short of a Peanut Farmer Nuclear Physics expert and a fucking actor. I see no mystery in those roundabout 30 now, as I am. I almost wish I didn't see the logic in writing for those of your age...when I heard Bowie say he wrote for his "peers"....he meant not age in entirety: he referred to those who could relate. If someone near my mothers' (who had me at 38) age is capable of making music that touches me and is as groundbreaking with regarding to "moving the culture", to advance that which IS Rock and Roll...that avenue, the palette was and is made wider upon every occasion Bowie walks down it. Enough of that, as not ass-kiss do I, fluish I feel due to that which those containing the most minimally acceptable (establishment-wise); as in having no reason, life-long, to expect the the suspected ubiquitousness of the Nanites who document our every instant of our view/existence/badshell-fish sickness/directly I become the Savage to the City [It's an Aldous Huxley referecence: in case you are illiterate and not well-read It doesn't seem to come across that, personally-speaking, I demand your attention. View our store, buy the songs in far higher-quality and hear all that you cannot hear, quite simply, on streams. I ask for understanding at this juncture, as you are all OBVIOUSLY able to hear our released work in low-quality all the time...that will not change; However.....if there are 500+ people who dig our work: why have we sold nearly NOTHING. I, at this point ask you to drop 7 or 8 dollars on our digital EP (first 50 get free stuff as long as you will trust us with your address/P.O. Box, etc) These people will have first opportunity to purchase of upcoming LP (Limited edition 180 or 200 gram Vinyl) which will contain 4 songs that are exclusive to the Vinyl release. The digital and CD releases will both contain 4 songs exclusive to its' method of purchase (meaning there is another set of 12 songs to have if you purchase it in ALL of its' 3 formats...i.e. another album for the cost of supporting the independence of musicians of having the VAST majority of money earned taken by those who have done nothing......therefore it remains a responsibility of ours to be of and retain our independence. I hope I am understood --Nick

The reprehensibility of U.S. Police

My personal advice: NEVER call cops: they are useless, require a High School diploma ONLY to become a pig. The police are mean shits who serve the purpose of intimidation. I regret EVER having called and damned cop.....not only are they FUCKING USELESS; they also make everything worse. FUCK THE POLICE! I would also beware of anyone who expresses desire to be a pig. Excise them from your life now while it hurts less; simply due to the fact that (unless they quit the force after a relatively short period of time)..., they WILL get jaded and jilted, faded and stilted to the WRONG SIDE of the reason they decided to be a pig in the first place. Join the Peace Corps instead. --NGP

The bad apples in the basket...

Fate, Karma, the balance of the universe apparently is the causal element in that which we refer to as "life" The building in which I live has too many abusive douche-bags in it to permit me to enter any long without pulling out the BIGGEST key I have EVER see and going through: first the front gate and then use the KEY that would have appeared on the Flintstones once more to open a door that doesn't like to fucking unlock. A giant fuck you to you who gave away our freedom to not carry a flat piece of metal for access to our homes by disseminating it amongst non-resident. Again: fuck you. I COULD if I chose just hack the antiquated gate: and then be the ONLY one with a code to get in: I WILL NOT, however do this, as I stand in solidarity with regard to assholes who compromise our personal security.

Splink!, Jack Nicholson on the Freeway goes; Splink!

To those who are our "fans"/friends, compatriots /allies, etc.....I apologize for lack of recent contact but thank you for showing your continued support.; lets' just say residency change over move than a certain amount of miles on top of getting married is something you should only attempt if you own testes and a will as strong as bonded carbon-fiber. The upcoming LP in its' 3 forms (at least) for be forthcoming as soon as we are happy with it, we will announce its' date of release (securing physical stores is still an issue w/ regard to carrying our 180 gram LP and CD copy of Up, Down, Charmed And Strange. If you have any pull in this venue: send us a message....we beg you. Thanks again to those of you who've kept spreading the very fact we exist...: you are invaluable to us and we would like to, hopefully, have someone with the volition to be a fanclub president when there exist enough folks who have heard of us. This year will see us putting out the new material and playing live. All details will be posted far before so anyone who wants to see our first show (with a band..i.e. live drummer, lights, etc.). We will not be douchey and will be glad to talk with anyone after any shows that permit us to (note: things get vitriolic as all hell when we "let go", so ...there really may not be anything that can be said (for likely physical/mechanical reasons...as in having a broken jaw)

our gun batteries, have destroyed the trees and now we live in a wasteland we killed to protect we live in a wasteland of the of that which infects insurrect; docile speck of nearly nothing making all that which causes catastrophic and beatific for some: He runs ten meters and his penis gets numb: he is 300 lbs at 6 foot 2: all lipid: and we all predicted it. My advice...move where you have to walk to be able to leave your residence...;bother to take the scenic route on foot. --NGP

Joshua Silver has saved the world for the myopic

It genuinely bugs me the state of, well, so called Alternative music at the moment. My issue is this: even though it contains every contituent element of that which would be something I would think was at least OK. I am tired of bands from "Who Cares-Town, Middle-American State" producing mediocre crap, getting accolades for their dismal offer. Being eclectic, an artist like "Kimbra"(NEVER heard of her prior to JUST now when I forced myself through her video on 120 mins. I just heard a guy in a band on MTV saying at age 11 or 12 years old...his first concert was Third Eye Blind. Wow, and Holy Fuck-ball (I WILL [I guarantee] formaize and let you know the rules of what Fuck-ball will be. Suggestions are welcome]...but, wow l feel IOLDER.than diamond.. I am disgusted by the ENDLESS catalog of damned Soprano or Husky-Voiced British girls as well....or any with an utter unremarkable soprano voice who happens to be able to write decent chord progressions to lyrics about a crush they had on the football douchebag-star in Junior-High and is still using those lyrics as they have been FULLY uninspired....they are now probably writing with the guys that wrote the hits for the Monkees. I hate "music" at times. RADIOHEAD is where it is right now. The "Muse", as it were, is floating them in Abundance. "King Of Limbs"...well...my god...it is an amazement. To know that KID A and their change in "trajectory" was largely due to "Richard D. James Album" By Aphex Twin is a lovely thing to know....as Trichotillomanias' inception was a result, in a very real way, of that album. The realization that what I see on 120 minutes, much of the time, reflects the style of music we were creating about 10 years ago is both something that bothers and dismays me; I am flattered by it, though, in an odd way. This is NOT to say we DIRECTLY had influence on things and how they developed...it does show that we, as musicians and songwriters, had tremendous foresight as to where "Rock" would go, stylistically. We are well aware what is expected of us on the next release and,...well...we are poised to deliver a record to the public that will, likely, NOT be understood by many..but..in 5-7 years...it'll be considered a record that changed some things.....had some influence on some bands that will hopefully have influence on others who will do something important and world-changing.. I kinda don't care if I am a musical footnote, in the end.....I just "want to do something; that matters"....to quote Trent Reznor. A man named Joshua Silver invented apair of glasses that can be adjusted and used without an optometrist...it uses hollow lenses and a silicone-solution pumped into the lens and adjusted with dials (all of which can be removed and they look like normal glasses)..no matter how much [unless you go literally blind] your RX changes...you adjust them until you can see again. $25 a pair, apparently.....if "the shit goes down"...we will need these (the glasses-wearing population.

Last chopper out of "the 'Nam"

I am going to busy moving and getting married and subsequently going on my Honeymoon, so...there may be sporadic updates. I'll, though, upon my return be a small distance from Benny; our follow-up LP will be quick in the coming after "the dust settles" Thanks for your support in the ways you have shown it...but we really need anyone who truly cares whether we the chance

I wish that there was a good god-gam, motor-slam, typo-o negative, Peter I miss you and that your voice will again not be recorded; I feel a whore, did...something tainted in comparison to all the bleached, starched and itchy things around me

KISS is a fucking awful band no intention of dissing of screwing with KISS fan...I just personally do NOT get it......"Gene Simmons" is the most disgusting person I've seen. He is a sweaty, balding, black No. 1 hair dying (probably hair-plugs) douche. I wouldn't shake the mans' hand as per how clammy and disgusting I KNOW it will feel....simply via my expectation; if reality presented no such hand: were he a man who shock with a proper firmness with a hand belonging to a BASS PLAYER (i.e. calloused as hell) He is smart: as he is rich (the only thing we seem to value, even in the post-recording industry 100% controlled music scene nationally/internationally. "Gene" is such a smarmy fuck, he probably had a 'Lil Kim incident backstage early intheir career,'cuz you are a simple whore, "Gene". I honestly couldn't fault you, as your music would NEVER have propelled you to being as rich/"powerful" as you are. Are you ashamed of being a Jew, By the way? Ask that of your former bandmates and Paul as well.....ashamed of your names..had to be "SHOWBIZ and adopt retarded names that ..... They wrote some good songs simply due to their time as a band, and pulling the VERY talented Eric Carr into the band (RIP)......now those dipfucks have lookalikes....FUCKING LOOKALIKES playing the parts of Ace Frehley (The Starman) and of Eric Singer, the ever-absurd "Catman" No respect. You are not worth my verybal ammo any longer, so now i move on.....THANK YOU ACE AND PETER FOR TAKING A STAND. You were the obvious ONLY actual proficient musicians within the original lineup...I am sad they literally dress morons from other bands AS YOU, LITERALLY....it is reprehensible and I hope you can somehow legally cause this B.S. to stop. The stones stopped, FAR TOO LATE. I am going to busy moving and getting married and subsequently going on my Honeymoon, so...there may be sporadic updates. I'll, though, upon my return be a small distance from Benny; our follow-up LP will be quick in the coming after "the dust settles" Thanks for your support of Trichotillomania and your far more than kind remarks to our new fans. I apologize...since I have the time right now, I willl be writing an email to those on our mailing list....sorry for the two emails...., they'll be different...so please read both.,--Nick-Gerald Peterson P.S. Nothing personal to KISS fans....just my opinion. We can still be friends...Cheers

Snake Hill Hospital, New Jersey

My stomach does its' best to eject everything..it succeeds usually. I am a simple weak bitch of a "man". I have nothing:that which I did is stripped and apart. I would be a corpse if I were lucky: I am unlucky....I should clarify: I WISH, via present circumstance that a click of a trigger and I'd get to wake to my life several days prior (let us imagine) None that I know are yet that endowed. ...; I however am not sure if that which occurs is inevitable. I wonder if the class MUST, BY DESIGN, eventually occur. The worst person I have ever met referred to sleep, very accurately, as: "temporary suicide" I am not a fan of gender bias of any kind (but I have active hatred for both "father" and "mother" figures, as BOTH have thoroughly screwed up my mind. It is seriously unpleasant to empathize with anyones' hatred, built and drilled in, WASHED in as Geographical Erosion over millennia. When I speak of this they look at me as if I were from another bloody planet: they apparently lack the intellect to draw the simplest of parallels. Sorry sods.

Good god is life a whore and a half X 10 to the infinite place. I despise that which was obfuscated sufficiently...I obfuscate NOT A THING WELL at this stage: I don't care to hide; I am chastised, hated and thusly incinerated as a result of what seems to be honesty of the most and best kind. Honesty (unfiltered) buys nothing, it seems, but solitude. The title/subject: Snake Hill...this was an "Insane Asylum" where my Maternal Grandfather worked prior to WWII...one "patient" was an artist who did cover paintings (a la Normon Rockwell) for The Saturday Evening Post who had killed his family and was 100% safe and normal save for once in a great while (he would tell them when he needed to be locked up) There was another man who was "Hell-Bent" on killing himself..., one day, he simply ran as fast ashe could from as great a distance as he could get and ran head-first into a brick-wall, splattering his mind and brain across sterile-white painted brick. Snake Hill in New Jersey.....wonder if the building is still there or how long it remained. I wonder about places like that. I'd love to see where these stories I have heard through my whole life took place.