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How to find God in the hardest times of your life

It seems nowadays that life is just hard. Jobs are hard to find, money is tight, and relationships are strained. But, God is there through it all. Over the past year my wife and I have gone through a very rough patch in our life and I would like to share some of our journey.

Early last year my wife and I found out that we were expecting. It was going to be our first child. We didn’t get to celebrate for long though. During our first ultrasound at 6 weeks we found out that our child had something called a cystic hygroma. The doctor came in, let us know, and all Abbey and I could do was cry. The doctor had told us that this was a fatal condition. Over the next months we had to live with the fact that sometime, someday, our baby would pass and we would have to say goodbye. Time passed, and every Monday we went in for heart beat checks. Every time, my heart raced as we awaited the results. Then in February the dreaded happened; the baby’s heart had stopped. We were admitted in the hospital and in a blink of an eye, we were burying our first child, Grant. All I could do was wonder why. Why would God put us through this? My answer would not come the way I wanted though.

Abbey and I decided to try again for another child. The doctors had assured us that this was a fluke and that it wouldn’t happen again. But, it did. The worst part about it all was that our first ultrasound came back negative for a cystic hygroma. Abbey and I celebrated, went out, bought baby clothes, diapers, and put together our baby’s room in our house. It was the best time of our lives. It wasn’t until the next ultrasound would we discover that the baby indeed had another cystic hygroma. It was our worst night mere come true...again. It was like living in a haze, and for us God was somewhere near, but it was hard to see what he was planning for our lives. Again, we went through the same steps: Heart beat checks, crying, wondering why it was all happening again. Then, last week, our baby, Nathan, passed. We delivered him. He was perfect. All we could do was cry again. God was there in our son’s face. God was there with us in that delivery room.

I have been asked so many times how we get through each day. And to tell you the truth, it is hard. But, I pray everyday and thank God for the things he has blessed Abbey and I with. He has blessed us with each other, family, friends, our church family, our teaching jobs, our house, our cars, our puppy, our life, and most important eternal life, through His Son, Jesus Christ. He has given us the opportunity to see our two sons Grant and Nathan again. I cope through the hard times by singing praises to Him. I sing everyday in church, and I even wrote the song Star in dedication to Nathan and Grant.

God has blessed Abbey and I in so many ways. I only can tell you that God is always with you no matter what happens. Not saying that our life is so hard, because we know that there are so many other people who go through much worse. But, this is our story, and we know hope that God can help you through it all. He has showed us that life is so important. We pray that God can give you strength through your hard times.

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