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HAPPY THANKSGIVING - Nov 22, 2012 (By Sherri-Anne)

And here we are, on this beautiful fall day. The sun creeps down through coloured skies that so gracefully dance in sparkles of light, and I can't help but reflect on the amazing and tumultuous year that has taken my spirit by storm -a storm that has finally passed and allowed for new growth, new opportunities, new connections, and new music coming from a deeper place than I ever imagined. In February 2012, an at first devastating but afterward life-changing experience fell upon me. I was on my way to a showcase during SXSW in Austin Texas, feeling just as excited as I was nervous to play my first solo show in ages. Then two hours outside of Austin, something happened. A friend was driving and we ran out of gas on a long stretch through Texas. With the gas station in view and the car puttering out I had this silly idea to get out of the car as it rolled to a stop so I could push it before the car lost momentum. The result: I immediately fell and broke my pelvis in 2 places, and my sacrum. Lesson learned - PLEASE DO NOT GET OUT OF A MOVING VEHICLE. The injury had me bed-ridden and within a couple days, after persevering through extreme pain, I returned home for two months to the mountains of British Columbia, Canada. Here my mom and step-dad rescued me back to health. With her superb vegetarian chef skills and heart of gold, my mom made sure I got all the nourishment I needed to heal. With the injury I could barely sit up, unless my guitar was in my arms. The only thing I could really do was play guitar. So I did. Every day. All day. At this time I was going through intense life challenges -things that many of us go through at some point in life - heartbreak, heartache, soul-ache. The sorrows in my heart spoke so loud to be released that they poured through me in wave of new music. The songs that came through were coming from somewhere very deep, and incredibly vulnerable. These songs were my greatest healer. As each song surfaced, my spirit and body healed even deeper, and a new layer of understanding emerged. These songs wrote themselves. They came from a place where I had nowhere to go but up, nowhere to step but forward, and nowhere left to look to, except forgiveness. These songs, to be put on Sister Speak's debut ALBUM, "Rise up for Love," are songs of surrender, forgiveness, longing, patience, awakening, and feeling, truly feeling. From the moment these songs transpired, they began a journey of their own to the hearts of the people. (see more)

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Sister Speak ALBUM prep!

Sher here just writin' a little update. What a year it has been! BALANCE is key in all this I am quickly discovering. I am so grateful that we have the opportunity and driving passion to share the music with you, and that those we play for have the compassionate hearts to listen and support. Every now and then I wonder, how is it that life threw my soul on this path, and threw us on this path together? All I know is that playing music is exactly what my heart wants to do. In the last three years I have endured months of relentless touring, both with Sam and on my own -town after town, week after week, we passionately share our souls. And we have teamed up with some amazing musicians on the journey. And it has been the most amazing two years of my life. When I saw Missy Higgins play in Chicago in the fall of 2007, I was filled with an indescribable amount of drive and passion. I realized that it was time to truly share my soul with the world, and share the lyrics and music that life has shared with me. I have begun the journey and have not turned back. When I first toured with Sam I realized that we have a wonderful musical purpose together and that our passions combined, playing together, could have a profound effect on the lives of those around us. And the journey thus far has been powerful beyond measure. And not only playing live together, also RECORDING. We're getting really excited to get into the studio. It is an essential part of my life purpose to put a full length professional album out this year. We have been patiently searching for a genuine producer that connects with our music, that we connect with, and who will hopefully be able to capture the soul of our music in a powerful and professional way. It's tough these days sometimes to keep the music genuine, so we are being patient. We are also finishing up/creating a few new songs for the album. We'll still be playing shows nearly every week, just not as many full band shows over the next few months so we have space to write and create together. It is time to direct our passions and love and inspiration into recording a beautiful album that will hopefully touch the souls of many, all around the world. I love to play music; I love to write; I love to collaborate; I love the sound and feeling of voices dancing in harmony, percussive rhythms and guitar colliding, bass guitar tones melodiously caressing, and violins passionately blending souls together. I love to connect through this universal language. And most important of all, I LOVE bringing joy and hope to the souls of those who listen, who feel, to YOU. Our intention is to capture this beauty in our first full length Sister Speak album.

We'll keep you posted, and are hoping to get in the studio in the next few months!

With love and gratitude,


update from the Sisters!

Hey guys! Sam here, just wanted to let you all know what's going on with Sister Speak as of lately. We had a great time on tour, and are just getting used to being home and not driving 10 hours a day. Definitely glad to be home, and soaking up this beautiful weather we've been having out in San Diego. As you may know, we've been working with our good friend/amazing drummer, Lisa Viegas and she's been killing it. Last week was our first full show with her on the drum kit. We played over at PB Bar and Grill with our bassist Dan Dipietro, and it was sooo much fun... We'll be back there Wed. Nov. 17 and more in PB more in the future for sure. We've been writing and collaborating and brewing up some new stuff too which is exciting. Thanks for listening and for coming out to our shows! And is you haven't made it out yet, we would love to see you out at a show sometime soon. Check out www.sisterspeakmusic.com or facebook.com/sisterspeak and we have our dates up. Also, if you guys really wanna do us a big favor, tell your friends about us, or suggest our music page to them on the ol' FB :) Have a great weekend, thanks for the love and support, we appreciate it BIG TIME! Big hug from all of us, PEACE AND LOVE! SAM Sister Speak


It was an amazing and gorgeous tour, filled with wonderful people, gorgeous places, amazing venues, and lots of driving in our little Jetta..the Jedi Warrior. We toured from San Diego to British Columbia, over to Alberta, back to Portland, over to Maine, down to Key West, and back to San Diego...11,000 later we are home! What a gift to be able to travel two amazing countries. Canada was inspiring, gorgeous, and all the venues treated their musicians really well. We had a blast and played some amazing venues, festivals, outdoor events, a street fair, and really got the music out there. It all felt so right. The USA Tour was equally amazing but much more grueling with the long drives between cities. We hadn't been to most of the towns, ever, so it was by some miracle that there was a solid crowd at every show. The great Lisa Veigas joined us as percussionist from Chicago to Key West and that was indescribably fun and amazing. Chicago was as charming and action-packed as ever; Toledo had its own little charm and great company; Rochester was a pleasant surprise; Maine was profoundly gorgeous and inspiring; Boston and New York were brilliant for the few hours we got to really explore them. Virginia Beach was unique...we almost lost our keys in the ocean, but by luck and after an hour of searching, a man found them and we left for Key West, which in brief was like being in heaven. Nicole Torres joined us for a show at Womenfest in Key West, and we all spent 5 days in the Keys' Heaven. We all traveled the island in scooters and electric cars and met amazing people. The water was so warm it was like being in a bath...but with the most amazing view. By surprise, we won a small cruise to the Bahamas for a couple days, so after the Keys we dropped off Nico & Lisa at the airport and the two of us traveled after the tour as a grand finale to Grand Bahama Island. We rented scooters again and explored the island. Scooters rock...80 mpg is a nice change from our Jetta. Then we traveled home 3,000 miles in 5 days, and are still in recovery from it. The heat was scorching on the way home. New Orleans has a lot of character although sadly much of the city is still in shambles. Austin was amazing, and filled with great energy and so many music venues. Texas was long and also very interesting, and the cactus forests in Arizona were really cool. We are so grateful for all the people that really made this tour happen. It was hard work getting it together, and the support and hospitality from our family, friends and fans has been unbelievable. Thank you so much for helping and supporting us in sharing our musical message with the world, one continent at a time. Thank you Life for making this possible. All things are possible.

With Love & Gratitude,

Sherri-Anne & Sam

Hello BC... 1 month in on tour!

We have arrived safely in the Okanagan in beautiful British Columbia. We are beyond excited to play up here! This weekend we play at Streaming Cafe in Kelowna and anyone in town or with a computer can watch it! You can watch it in person or streamed live at: www.streamingcafe.net . And July 31st we play at Komasket and will be playing at the World Unity stage right before the Wailers go on which is really exciting. After 9 shows in Victoria and 2 in Vancouver in 3 weeks, we are in need of some rest before the next two weekends. Being back in Vernon is so refreshing and my bed is more comfortable than I ever remembered. We missed the heat spell, which I don't mind, and it is raining with a wonderful mist in the air. Today is a day for the earth mother, and my birth mother :) Time to go play in the rain. Have an amazing day and if you are reading this, hopefully we will see you on our travels soon!

Peace, Love & Music,

Sherri-Anne (& Sam)

Gearing up for summer tour!

Hey all! We are getting ready to take off on our three month 50+ city North America Tour in just a couple weeks! There is so much to do. Life feels ridiculous right now and I'm just trying to remember to *breathe* and not freak out too much. Things are stupid stressful right now, but once we get on the road, everything will be fine. I love that about traveling. You can stress as much as you want to beforehand, but once you're gone, you kinda forget what you were stressing about in the first place. It is such a great teacher in staying present and taking one day at a time. I am stoked to see the country and meet new people. We are gonna be covering over 10,000 miles of Canada and the U.S. so I'm hoping we survive the trip and survive each other. We are partnering with the 'Kenyan Reforestation Project' working to plant trees in the nearly destroyed Kikuyu Forest. By doing this, we are going to be completely offsetting our carbon footprint, and allowing this amazing organization to keep doing what they are doing. For more info go to www.carbonfootprint.com/plantingtreesinkenya We are also going to try and commit to daily video blogs, and keeping you all up to date with where we are and what we are doing. In the past, I have been terrible with online communication, but I am serious about this one. So we have a lot to be excited about, and so do you, because it is SUMMER! One huge way you guys can help us out with this tour is by TELLING YOUR FRIENDS! Send them links via facebook, put a song on your online music player, invite them to a show. We have FREE songs online @ www.sisterspeakmusic.com, so send them through email or to your family. It is honestly one of the biggest ways to support us, and we would greatly appreciate it. We love you all, and are so appreciative of your support and your love! Hope you all have a great week! -Sam (&Sher)

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