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hyphy is... everything ur fave is and more listen mis amore

well i thnk for one dat hiphop is not dyin just evolvin as the case may be..so it seems to me like one stage dies and gives way for another..so d people who may think hiphop is dead are still stuck on the former....wit hyph is where i think people can get dat balance cus i wanna appeal as much to the skinny jeans, geek glasses wearin kid..as i want to his 10 year older brother or his parents even, u digg?. i feel like i can do dat by combinin olda stages of this thing we call hiphop wit the latest stages or phases...amma lay ma hands on a lotta things..try a lotta styles, be original and highly experimental. some r gonna say ur nigerian so 'naija flava' is expected and all, and am not sayin it wont be i there just not to a level i cant express and the norwegian dude cant get it..i wanna be nigerian and all dat bt i want to bigga than all dat i'm tryna make universal music, u digg?..its bigga than nigeria, the nwonyes,the world even...im tryna make music even aliens myt relate to, scary ryt?.i know..bt dats just how big i imagine this..u gotta dream big, i mean... and on dat note im outie....HYPHMAN...U KNOW!!!!