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Flash Rock Live!

Hey Everyone!

Submit a request for us to perform on Flash Rock Live. We need 500 votes. We would appreciate it alot!

Vote For Us!

Hey everyone! We have signed up for the battle of the bands Warped Tour! The venue will take place in San Diego. We Will get a chance to perform there IF we can get your votes. And no you don't just vote 1 time and thats it, you can vote everyday. That's right the voting counter will reset every 24 hours so please vote for us not just once but everyday or whenever you have the time. Your votes matter and will help us extremely! Thanks to you all for your wonderful support!

Plans For CD

Hey guys! Again thanks for the support of the band. Just trying to figure out if we should just come out with a straight album only or come out with both an album and LP or EP or whatever the fuck it is and also come out with a 12 track full length album. Also need to get some merch developed. Want to book more shows but can't until we have some merch like cds or shirts or stickers or something or anything. Thanks again!