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We've stopped holding our breath

So we submitted to South By Southwest last fall for the festival this year, in hopes of at least getting to play somewhere, anywhere really, during the week or so of music and events. I could just picture us on stage, while Ricki did her thing with the chalk art, and just KNEW that kind of fusion between music and art would grab the attention someone who might review our submission. Well, after hearing of some other artists who are going this year to SXSW, combined with the fact that we've not been notified that we've been selected ourselves, we've decided to stop holding our breath so to speak. The thing that makes this okay for me personally is that some great friends from South Carolina in a band named Sequoyah Prep School will just so happen to be making their way toward us that week. We've booked a show with them for that Saturday, March 19th at AJ's here in Lake Charles, and I'm really glad to finally get to play a show with them. So it's definitely one of those lemons to lemonade things. Anyway, we've got some shows coming up in February and March, and I'll try to start writing these things a bit more often to keep folks updated on our comings and goings. Thanks for reading...later days, Robert