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"Stand fo yo God"

I'm writing this blog right now because I want to challenge every believer to stand for Jesus not just Sunday but everyday and in everything you do. Being the Body of Christ, our sole purpose in this world is to raise and have standards, that distinctively separates us. In doing this, the God that we serve will receive his due glory and many that are lost will come to know him. However many of us, including myself, have been compromising in areas and settling for the common. The bible states that we need to be sanctified and set apart. In the book of Daniel, there is a story of three Hebrew boys who were cast into the fire, when refusing to worship a false god. King Nebuchadnezzar had them to be put to death because they didn't bow down and denounce their God. Yet they stood for what they believed in, their God, the True and only living God. So they were bound and cast into a firery furnance. As you read the whole story you see that God was in the midst and also delivered them. We as believers need to stop accepting what the world has to offer. The secular music,the videos, and even our own fleshly ways of doing things. Those Hebrew boys refused to bow down to any thing but the The Lord of Hosts. Regardless of the rejection or persecution, they still payed the price and decided to serve the their God. In order to live a supernatural life we must have a Kingdom of God mindset. So every area of our life has to be a "I won't bow down to anyone or anything, but God. I know right now you might be thinking this kat is to spiritual, but as we walk after the spirit we will find life and not death. As far as for me being a artist for Christ, I chose a stance not to use any secular beats or listen to any secular music. I do this because I seek after spiritual things and not things of this world. A double minded man is unstable in all his ways. I can't expect a move of God when I'm here and there (being influenced by worldly music). I have to be in agreement with him, therefore I need to be stable. I made up my mind that I will stand for Jesus regardless if they cast me in the fire, cause I know and I'm strong in my belief that God has my life.