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Eugenio's (after the dust settles...)

Last night at Eugenio's was such big fun. We thank each and every one of you for coming out. It's a great, intimate venue. It was my second-ever public appearance playing the baritone ukelele. Let's just say we hope my skill improves...smile... but the audience was patient and kind. Thanks for that, all. We tried out some new tunes that featured Barry's fabulous clawhammer banjo and surely won over a few banjo skeptics. And we revised a couple of old tunes to heat them up. The fabulous Kerry Williams graced us with his nimble mandolin riffs. Greg Stone showed up for a Happy Birthday serenade from yours truly.

It always amazes me how I can show up for a performance, tired as all get out, and leave three hours later energized to the max. I guess that's just the power of music, song and community. Such good medicine.

Next Saturday we'll be at Starbucks in the Pearl. Have a look at our schedule for the particulars.