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Way back in the late '80's I was makin my usual racket out in my parents garage one sat afternoon whn my mom comes out with a blurb frm the Tulsa World talking abt Flaxen Harlot who was going to be playing in Tulsa again soon. Wow, look at those pics..big hair! What a funny name for a band I thought... a few years later after Id moved to Tulsa I was playin' in this trio and saw this bass player around town who looked familiar....what I figured out was tht he was the one in Flaxen Harlot all those years ago. So long and short is tht we got together with Shawn and started doin this Thurs night gig every week downtown Tulsa. At the dawn of 2006, I decided to shake things up a little bit and so Ace got with the task of whippin' us into shape. We played a relentless schedule of gigs back then...we wrked on our repertoire and the finer points of performance while playing 2-8 gigs in a week. We did manage to put out Hurricane Mason: Five Alive in '07 as a testament to where our live show had progressed while working more diligently in the studio than before. In btween Ace's commercial clients at the Hideaway recording studio we'd work on what was supposed to have been the 4th Hurricane Mason album called "Twisted Bridges". That album along with a short film and "Live at The Cain's Ballroom" cd/dvd have not been released as of now. Some things changed...and some things didn't so I left the band Jan 4th 2010. I am very proud of the things we were able to do with Hurricane Mason and Ace was a big part of helping us to accomplish those. We enjoyed being the underdogs of the Tulsa scene and we were very successful at it. Our fans, affectionately known as "Minions" were known for helping us make inroads and believers in the fact tht you don't HAVE to sell out and just play lame covers to work around Tulsa and beyond. Ace has had a number of health concerns over the years...but he did more working with HM than alot of people could manage who are completely able bodied. Ace is now waiting to see when, where and how he's going to recieve a kidney transplant. We've reached back in the vault and found a track we recorded during the session for "Twisted Bridges". Tht voice you hear in addition to the reg lineup of Shawn, Ace and myself is Wanda Watson on lead and bg vocals. It's available for .99 cent download at http://www.reverbnation.com/hurricanemason