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Rolaz (Rollers) is a Mancunian (Manchester, UK) music producer and DJ. His music ranges from Hip Hop to D&B and all in between.

"Rolaz took Noble Society's PPM album to an entire new level of consciousness blending D&B, Dubstep & Hip Hop while still respecting Reggae: He has the unique ability to pull mood and emotion from where others forgot these could exist. No doubt this guy is someone to pay attention to."

Melanie Penella . Lisa Gabrielle Inc / ABB Records

Rolaz latest project is entitled 'Entrapment' a six track EP featuring Tonn Piper, BKMG, Blunt Skins and Dr Syntax coming on NB Audio (NBA007) aka Neo Babylon Audio. He's already started working on his Drum & Bass EP (also coming on NB Audio, end of 2015). 'Denial' a deep D&B track (with huge support from Ray Keith) is being release on the much anticipated 'Prestige' LP coming soon on Dawn Raids' label, Hocus Pocus . Rolaz also remixed an entire album called The Phalynx Covenant Redux for a US based Hip Hop band called The Phalynx featuring Tom Mulherin on vocals. The Phalynx Covenant - Redux includes Trap, Hip Hop D&B and Jungle with a hint of House is also being released summer/autumn 2015.

Rolaz is an eclectic Music Producer working to cement his self as one of the top music producers in the World today. Working with GRAMMY nominated artists such as Jahdan Blakkamoore and his crew 'Noble Society' to working with music pioneers such as Joe Nebula (Nebula II) and Ratpack, he's certainly on his way to achieving that goal. Also working with more home grown musicians including Goldfinger (Virus Syndicate), Tonn Piper, Kiara, A Me B, Dr. Syntax, Blunt Skins and more, Rolaz is always looking to further his horizons. Collaboration with German Trap Producer Neero to be revealed soon. He's also impressed three U.S. based companies, Lisa Gabrielle Artist Agency headed by Melanie Penella, ABB Records (Dilated Peoples, Little Brother) head honcho Beni B and Mushroom Gang (Hip Hop band) headed by Kenny Lloyd aka KNS Tha Engineer (Ruff Ryders). Rolaz is now signed as a music producer for both Lisa Gabrielle and Mushrooom Gang with several releases on ABB Records. Even dropping a single and music video in New York with KNS Tha Engineer (Ruff Ryders) entitled 'Strong' featured on ThisIs50.com. 2013 saw Rolaz drop his debut 6 track E.P entitled Con Dem Nation on NB Audio featuring Goldfinger (Virus Syndicate) and Kiara. 'I'm Gone' which features Kiara was heavily featured on Misfits [Series 5, Episode 7, 4th December 2013] aired on E4 and 4OD. You can also find the music video to 'Break The Nation' also on the CON DEM NATION EP on Youtube.

‘I’m Gone’ ft. Kiara – an experimental trip into tightly strung electro trickery with the biggest mentazm stab you’ll have heard since the 1990’s! As the crowd roars and the old-skool flows you’ll be transported back in time before the staccato rhythms drop back into this ingenious track. Wait for the switch and Kiara’s vocals and it’s all over!

Rolaz is not just a musician he is a story teller his music both provocative and thought provoking! His production takes you on a journey, capturing your mind and taking it to other dimensions. Rolaz is a creative mind with the pulse of the world of Electronic Music each of his tracks brings something new something inspiring or dark but always Beautiful his talent is boundless and his work is ever improving and becoming stronger I have a profound respect for his work and the great effort to detail and puts into his work. - Craft Conscious