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New Material Coming Very Soon

Basement Dreams All hip hop Internet RAdio

Basement Dreams Internet all Hip Hop Radio: Basement Dreams all hip hop internet radio starts monday 7/12/10 at 12.00 A.M. check us out at http://tobtr.com/s/1145910 Google Basement Dreams Productions or Call Basement Dreams For all your music production needs at 312 651 4485

Basement Dreams Radio

Basement Dreams Productions now on internet radio all hip hop night every Thurs and friday. All Basement Dreams Productions - Rap/Hip Hop. Feature artist independent Barrell Gang. Acapella Remixes and more check out Basement Dreams Radio at http://tobtr.com/s/1140468 Google Basement Dreams Productions

Basement Dreams Productions Weekly Statstics

Basement Dreams Productions Statistics for 6/10/2010 SoundClick.com Technology(Techno/Dance/Euro) # 783 in Electronic out of 288,268 songs # 116 in Dance out of 19,143 songs Compesition 3 # 850 in Classical out of 33,622 songs # 320 in Classical General out of 11,362 songs Meet me in the front # 2,080 in HipHop out of 1,587,175 songs # 1,086 in Hip Hop General out of 884,788 songs R&B instrumentals 3 # 3,198 in Urban out of 92,454 songs # 1,969 in R&B/Soul/Pop out of 54,781 songs Go DJ(Lil Wayne) Free Download # 17,588 in Instrumentals out of 1,161,065 songs # 6,078 in Beats General out of 365,333 songs # 15 For ReverbNation.com Chicago Alternative Charts

Basement Dreams Productions Statistics

Basement Dreams Productions/Dreams of Life LLC is # 25 on Reverbnations Alternative Chart Night Life is # 27 in Techno out of 17,056 songs and compisition 3 # 80 in Classical General out of 10,832 songs on Soundclick.com Check us out at any of our sites or just google Basement Dreams Productions

Building a Business

Hello world this is Zo from Basement Dreams Productions/Dreams of Life LLC. I am working on turning my talents and thoughts into a business. With products such as Hip Hop Instrumental Vol 1 & 2. R&B Instrumentals Vol 1, Technology(Euro/Dance) Compisition Memiors(Classical/Easy Listening) True Story Vol 1 mixtape(Rap/Hip Hop) Film/TV Music Vol 1. In My Mind - The Book and Street Hustlers The Documentary all in the works right now. I have a lot ahead of me for 2010. But starting a legit business is Hard. I mean nothing comes easy. But the avrerage person thinks that raising a business is just like they dreamed it. But this grind take sleepless nights,knowing your paper work,law, terms,negotiation skills, hard work,delliagence, and ect..... So with all that said I would like the world to watch me and my plan. And support the movement