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Playing with some awesome new instrumentalist!

Hi Folks! It’s been a very long time since I posted. Winter is finally winding down here in New England and Spring is here, according to the calendar! I have some great new guys who have come on board recently, Marty Smith, pianist, and Jerry Wilfong, upright bass. We have been working up some great tunes and with be appearing in Westborough this coming weekend!

Been a long time since I posted!

Working on some new gigs for January, and new music also. Please stay tuned and thanks for your support!

Happy Summer!

The weather is beautiful and we are in the midst of wonderful summertime here in New England. Happy music making and listening to you all!

And MORE snow!

Looks like we got another several inches in this latest storm, although this is fluffy and easy to shovel. More music study today for this gal!


Buried in snow here in the Northeast! I'm taking this time to work on new tunes and gear up for another great year!

Happy New Year to all my fans, friends, and fellow musicians!

I wish you all an amazing year in 2015! My best to you all, Jean

Long time since I've written!

Hi Everyone! Thanks to all my fans and to the many new people who have been showing interest in my music. I've been securing some new and exciting engagements, to my utmost pleasure! I'l keep you posted! My best to you all, Jean

A Fun Change of Name

Just changed the name of my group and are now calling ourselves "Jazzin' 'Bout Town! That's what we do!!!

One of our listeners had this to say!

Saturday night was a huge smashing success in my eyes, as a customer I and my companion SO thoroughly enjoyed the entertainment. The musicicians were top notch, Jean was superb and the repertoire was wonderful. -Henry White


Hey, everyone! We are super excited about our recent gig at Nick's in Worcester. The band was smokin' hot and the audience was awesome!! Hope to be back soon!