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**Summer News and More!!**

Hey friends we are taking the summer off to record more great music for ya! We will be back Sat Sept 20th at Ye Old Towne Inn in Mt. Prospect with our friends 'Genotype' and 'The Darksiders' These will be the first of our final shows due to Dave McCormick leaving the Chicagoland area at the end of the year. What does this mean? Well the band will still write and record music thanks to technology and will play a few shows a year. The remaining members of the band have not decided which route they will take but we will be sure to let you know any new developments. That being said we hope to see all of you at these last shows!!


Hey friends we have a bunch of shows so mark your calendars and come hang with us!! Sat Feb 1st at Cairo bar in West Chicago w/ Genotype, Ignescent and Spinning Red March 15th at Brauerhouse in Lombard opening for national touring bands Breaking Through and Bridge to Grace March 21st at Bada brew in Crest Hill with D-Railed(from St. Louis), Red Poet and Driven Under April 12th at Penny Road Pub in Barrington with Jenny Franck, Driven Under, Bad Sugar Crash and one more band TBA!!

first blog for 2014!!

Hey friends this is our first news for 2014 our last blog was in October and quite a bit has happened since then. We wrapped up the year doing two shows with our previous line up after which we decided to move on from our lead guitar player roger turner he was with the band since 2010. the direction the band was moving was not conducive to keeping roger in the picture the band loved working with him but it was just time to go in a different direction we have always felt we were lacking and we needed the fourth sparkplug if you will lol to get this engine kickin!! we got really lucky though when Scott Richie formerly of Severed Beginnings. He auditioned for the band was the first guitar player to audition out of 5 prospects but the chemistry was immediate so the band opted to go with him and didn't even listen to the other prospects so there's much to do since Scott has joined we have been on two radio programs in Chicagoland and re recording quite a few of the current tracks for Scott to appear on, we also have enough material for another new album which will begin recording in the spring and hope to have out sometime over summer in the meantime we just plan to re record some of our current tunes with Scott on lead and do a lot of shows to get him fully integrated into the band. We want to thank everyone that has come to our shows and supported us this will be our biggest year yet look forward to seeing you soon will be playing Feb 1st at Cairo bar in West Chicago with genotype, Ignescent and Spinning red..we will post another update in a couple months thanks so much for your time.

The Origins of the band

Okay we get asked a lot when and how this band was formed so we thought we would post this blog for you so you can get a little background on the band. Dave McCormick and Rick Cuevas were both in a band called Shadoz Edge from 1993 to 2003. That band released several CDs and did quite a bit of touring. In 2003 the band decided to call it a day Dave and Rick continued performing in the tribute to Alice in Chains band Angry Chair. After some time had passed in 2004 Dave decided to start a new band with his current influences at that time, which included The Mars Volta, At the drive in, the Bronx, Breaking Benjamin and many bands that were more modern than his previous influences. In the original lineup Rick Cuevas played drums, Mike Strack played bass, Guy Davis played guitar along with Dave on vocals and guitar. This lineup rehearsed for over 2 months in Jan and February of 2004 writing many of the bands original ideas which would later appear on their 2009 debut album. Some unforeseen circumstances interrupted the band and they disbanded shortly after. After about 3 years hiatus Dave and guy Davis picked up the band where it left off with a new drummer and bassist: Chris Mabrey and Derrick Hornyan. This was the fall of 2007 the band continue writing and recording their debut which was released in early 2009. playing various shows along the way. Chris Mabrey left the band in january 2009 temporarily but came back later that year. At that time some personal differences resulted in Derrick Hornyan being ask to leave the band. Enter Michael Moore on bass, Who has played in various bands from the time he was young reigning from Florida he played in the signed band Trixie Lee. not long after Mike join the band Guy Davis left the band and moved to Oregon Enter Roger Turner...with this lineup the band wrote and recorded their second CD 'For all intents and purposes' which was released in early 2011. performing more shows the band was getting stronger and the evolution of the band was taking place by September of 2011 however Chris Mabrey left the band for a second time joining 'Spyderbone'. Rick Cuevas who's own original band 'Prime' recently broke up rejoined the band. This lineup has endured and created the bands best music to date we have come a long way and our new album 'Falling forever' ..we hope, reflects that. We appreciate everything. We been through alot and it hasn't been easy but this is a very strong unit and we have a lot more to give. Up next we are filming a couple of music videos and releasing our 13 track new cd in early 2014. We have a few upcoming midwest shows coming up and we would love to see you so come out and say hello!! We will edit this as to reflect what's going on along the way so check back and thanks for your support!!

WTF is up!

Hey there just wanted to update everyone on our goings on..we are wrapping up the new album 'Falling Forever' by the end of the year there are 10 tracks available now for free download on our Reverb Nation page so go get em we are shopping for a record deal and hope to have something locked in by next year. We are writing new material as we go for the next full length which we'll be recording starting next spring. So take advantage and go to our Reverb or Soundcloud pages for free tunes and find us on Youtube too we have some cool stuff there as well! You can catch us live in November in West Chicago at Cairo Bar and Nov 23rd in Milwaukee at The Metal Grill both shows we are playing with some really cool bands so if you are in the are come and support!! Thanks for you support and rock on!

SUMMER 2013!

Hey its been a minute so we thought we would give you a quick update. As usual we have been writing and recording new songs all year and since March we have released 8 new songs! We still have a bunch more to record and will do so periodically. WE have a lot of great Chicago area shows we are playing as well, all throughout the year so come out and say hey! We have 2 new T-shirts available now too you can purchase them at any show for 10.00 or order 1 for 15.00 (shipping included) or 2 for 25.00 and you get our latest tracks on cd free!! Just end cash check or money order payable to ALL-PRO P.O. Box 291 Elburn, IL. 60151 and we will get those right out to ya! also go here http://bit.ly/13Flt2M and check these guys out!! We will get back to you soon as we having a great year so far!!

Spring Sparkplug update!!

2013 has been the biggest year yet for Sparkplug Assassins we want to thank everyone that has supported this band we come a long way since we first debuted 4 years ago! the band has been currently recording new music for their upcoming full length CD falling forever 7 tunes have been released a date with 7 more on the way throughout the year we have several Chicagoland appearances so please come out and see us live we have new t shirts for sale and free demos to give out thanks for your support will see you soon!!

2013 news!!

Hey friends we have released 6 new tunes right here on Reverbnation for free download so take advantage we have a ton of upcoming Chicago area shows so if you can come and see us! we love to meet new friends. Right now we are in the middle of recording 15 new tracks (5 of which are available now) and will release a few tracks each month until we have finished at which time we will construct the cd with lyrics and a full blown package as well as remastered and in some cases re-recorded versions of these tunes. The point being the tracks we have and will release free will be upgraded for the cd release which makes these versions RARE! So take a minute and download them they may be worth something someday!! We love you and thanks for your time rock on!!!!

Update from the Studio fall 2012!!!

UPDATE!! Hey friends we are done with the preproduction process and are about to begin drum tracks for the new album! It is gonna be HEAVY! We are recording 20 tracks which we will narrow down once we see how they sound. The ones that don't make the final cut will be released at some point so stay tuned and thanks for your patience!!

news for spring 2012

Well a lot has happened since last summer we have replaced our drummer Chris Mabrey with the original drummer from when we first started the band Rick Cuevas. We have added tons of new covers and have been gigging all around the chicago area and we plan to record a brand new album for you this summer and we will let you know when that is up and ready and it promises to be heavier and louder than ever!!