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band pics & CD status

I have posted a few of the pics. Let us know what u think, maybe your favorite will be on the cover of the CD! speaking of the CD, all of the parts are finished, and it is down to the mixin! Set for release jun 25th & 26th @ BUSHWACKERS! hope to see y'all out there, and check our schedule for a show near you! THANKS Nathan Wade & The Un4given

dweed mama
dweed mama  (over 7 years ago)

I like them all but I like 2 and 4 the most

new band pics

we will be shooting new band pics today with my good friend, Tim Bezy. He is not only a professional photographer, but a co-writer of several songs on the upcoming CD "MY OWN NAME". Be on the look out for new pics & CD updates in the coming weeks. got LITTLE RICKY'S in North Bend fri night, and next sat may 29th we will be out in Kearney @ SHOOTERS! Thanks so much for the support! talk to you all soon Nathan Wade

an amazing year...so far

what an amazing year we are having so far! It's hard to believe this project started less than a year ago, and was brought together by CRAIGSLIST. We have played almost 40 shows this year, and we have 43 more on the books upcoming! My goal is to hit 100 shows this year, and I think we will get there. our CD project is coming along nicely, and we are set to release JUN 25TH & 26TH @ BUSHWACKERS in Ralston. none of this would be possible without the support of our families, friends, and FANS! a quip from the title track "MY OWN NAME"---"passionate or crazy, i'm a little bit of both/this dreamer will keep knockin on every door that's closed"... THANK YOU ALL! GOD BLESS Nathan Wade & The Un4given

dweed mama
dweed mama  (over 7 years ago)

Stay passionate and crazy... seems to be working for ya!!

New Years Eve in Dewitt, NE

Gonna be rockin the Country music at RJ's Bar in Dewitt on New Years Eve! come one come all...it's a great small town bar & we are gonna pack it over fire code!