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www.indievtv.com Interview (VRadio)

Hey everyone! We were just interviewed on the indievtv.com radio show by Big Poppa G out of Las Vegas. This show is strictly for independent artists trying to get their name, music, and message out to the masses. After talking for quite a long time off the air I realized just how much some people care about and love music, especially the little guys working on their own. Thanks especially to Long-haired Kev for the hookup and kind words. The interview is broken up into 5 segments due to reverbnations limits - you can just put it on a playlist or go to myspace.com/chriswalkerband to hear it streamed in its entirety.

Check out www.indievtv.com it rocks!

While you're at it take a look at the mothership www.vradio.org...

Thanks for listening!

The more the merry-ist!

It seems the more places you put yourself on the web, the more people hear about you. Reverbnation is included in the bunches of sites that are helping musicians get their passion out to new people. Thanks for visiting, hope you dig the tunes, and to the fans who have already seen us; see ya again soon!