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Rose MusiQ Entertainment is Rosey Cosme...A Puerto Rican Music Promoter and Upcomin Executive Producer of Reggaeton, Latin and Hip Hop music... She is considered the first Latin Female of the genres in New Jersey. Her very first underground music, "D@BezT" Nuevos Talentos in Town... Mixtape 1.0 was Released on November 2009 da' Mixtape will drop Endin' December 2009. It will be distributed and sold in housing projects, local stores, local restaurants, among friends, family and fans... Diz Mixtape combines elements of reggaeton, latin, hip hop and urban music... Among the Artists contribution to diz Mixtape are EJ, Young Philly, Delio y Misterio, Malicia El Controversial, D'Lyon, Kappa da' General, DM y Allen, DYmeZ, El Jogy, and much more... At diz time Rose MusiQ Entertainment is working on the 2.0 which is the second part of the Mixtape. http://www.myspace.com/rose_musiq rose.musiq@gmail.com Stay Tuned! for more info...

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thanks for giving me the opportunity to be here. I truly want to let you know this is a very important time for me. Let me introduce myself; I am Rosey Cosme the founder and Ceo’ of Rose MusiQ & Entertainment. Rose MusiQ & Entertainment and Partnerships are trying their very best to show and prove to the public, media and listeners; that our artists create good music in order to share it with everyone whom loves music as much as we do. We are expecting much more exposure and growth. Since the music technology has grown from the transmission to recording. We have so much more desire to work harder and built in it. Rose MusiQ & Entertainment is about giving upcoming artists the chance, and set a different aspects and opportunities in the music industry plus the chance for a greater movement. We have all to offer… we are based on “Good Music” and the question is whom will benefit? Our artists, labels, writers and publishers. http://www.myspace.com/rose_musiq www.twitter.com/RoSeMuSiQEnT rose.musiq@gmail.com